Chicken Thief, Weird Spiders, Spring Work and Game Cams

Saturday August 19, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Fox strikes

I’m pretty sure a fox got in my chicken pen last night and got one of my chickens. These are some of the feathers from the poor bird. I think I messed up and forgot to close the chickens in last night.feathers


The rest of the chickens were pretty spooked this morning and wouldn’t eat and stayed away from the chicken pen all day.chickens


Spider nests?

I was over at my neighbors discussing the chicken thing when she said, check out these spiders.

Up above the windows is where these spiders were located.webs


The spider has spun a ball around itself. I’m not sure if it just for it’s protection or it’s to protect new young when they are hatched out. The spiders look like daddy long legs of some kind and may be about to lay or hatch out some young.spider


Here’s another one. I’ve never seen this before.ball


Helping a neighbor with their spring

I’d planned to drive up to this neighbor’s place today to check out his spring to see what we needed to do to tap his spring.view5


My plan was to take out these boards and clean the banana slugs out to see what I need to to do to put a better spring tap in at a later date.spring


I got it all cleaned out, taking out 23 banana slugs that we relocated. We talked about getting some rocks and some blue clay to tap the spring. When they have rounded up that, we will tap this spring. This spring had been tapped before with a spring box that wasn’t working too good. We’ll do a better job of it and make it so the slugs and critters can’t get into it which will be much more sanitary.

Cam card collecting

A bit later, I rode on up into the hills to get the game cam cards from the two springs where the cams are located.springcam


I exchange the cam cards with new ones each time and I’ve been having problems mixing them up, so I bought this little card caddy which I hope will help keep things more in


All that was on the cams this time are some small birds.

This blue jay.jay


And this Rufus bird as well as some other birds taking a bath.rufas


Nice day, except for the poor chicken.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Ahhh I’m so sorry you lost a chicken. I suppose everyone has to eat. Those spider webs … they give me the creeps, not to mention banana slugs. I remember accidentally stepping on one in Oregon. YUCK!! Good for you for relocating them.

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