Chickens Dig Potatoes and I Dig Old Springs

Monday September 10, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Chickens weeds and dig up potatoes

I let the chickens in the blueberry patch again today to finish cleaning up most of the weeds and to let them dig up some more potatoes for me as they don’t eat raw ones. They really like to dig and scratch for food, even better than they like to eat out of a feeder.chickens


Cleaning out old springs

I wanted to dig out an old spring so I got all the tools I thought I’d need and rode the quad up the hill to work on it in this ravine.ravine


The main tools I will use are the shovel and the


Old spring

Here’s the old spring area where I will work.oldspring


Iron or not

In the past the water in this spring had a lot of iron in it so I wanted to dig it out and see if the iron was still there as it didn’t smell like it was. The stuff you see might be old stuff so digging it out and cleaning it up is what I need to do.digit


Three springs

After digging for a few hours I found there where actually three springs coming into this one. Two of them from old holes I’d bored into the ground a long time ago and one coming down the ravine that looked to have the most iron in it so maybe I won’t use that one if the other two are ok.

I dug it all out and cleaned things up and now I’ll let it sit to see how clean the springs are then decide if any are good enough to put in the water tank or not. I was working so hard and pretty worn out so I didn’t get any pictures after digging it out.

Easy does it

After that I drove on home and had a nap and mostly took it easy for the rest of the day.


Here’s the half bucket of potatoes the chickens dug up for me ready for washing up.potatoes



I’ve been trying to get the younger chicks to use the little roost I made for them the other day but so far no luck. They just crowd around the base of it so far.chicks


Some of the younger chicks are up on this roost with their mommas.roost


I did a bit of weeding in the garden mostly so I could feed the weeds to the chickens. Other than that I did some chair hopping and resting up.

Nice day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    You have been busy digging ups the springs so time to rest a bit and chair hop.

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