Colonoscopy Day Or Up Yours

Tuesday September 12, 2023 Guerneville CA.

The big day

I’ve been waiting to get this done since May, so today was the day.

I drove over to my friend Marty’s house as he lives about five blocks from the medical center that does colonoscopies. He drove me to the place at one PM to get it done.

My doc was doctor Lu. I thought she was going to be a man. Right away, I said I thought you were going to be a man for some reason. She said she had a sex change, kiddingly. She was a good looking babe.

Everything went off as planned. They found I had a normal colon and no biopsies were taken so no lab work. I’m good to go.

Marty came by to retrieve me. We spent some time at his house shooting the bull with his friend Don and his wife Patti, then I took off to Costco to do some shopping for the upcoming trip. I know I wasn’t supposed to drive, but I cheated a bit as I felt fine.

Since I hadn’t eaten in a couple days, I think I over did it on buying snacks a bit. I’ll have to try and spread them out on the trip, although, I tend to be a pig.

Anyway, all went well with the colonoscopy and I’m happy it’s over so I can get on with life.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Colonoscopy Day Or Up Yours

  1. Nancy K says:

    I’ve never been good at following instructions either … mostly because I never had anyone to drive me … like after my eye surgery!! I just snuck out the back door. Looking forward to your trip pictures.

  2. Judith says:

    Always a good thing to have in the rear view mirror. And that your disobeying instructions went well after.

  3. OFM says:

    Congratulations. I have had enough of them in my past.

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