Completed Welding Up My Rebar Garden Enclosure Panels

Monday March 27, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Windy so worked at home

The weather guys said it was going to be windy today. When I got it going and went outside, the wind was blowing, not too bad but enough to decide to stay home and work on the garden enclosure some more.

I needed to  make six more rebar panels for the enclosure, so I got busy cutting all the rebar pieces to size that I will need.

Once I had all the pieces cut to length, I started assembling the pieces to weld them up.

Paint makes a pattern

Once I had one panel made I got some spray paint and made a pattern I can follow for the other panels so I wouldn’t have to spend time squaring up each piece which made things go a lot faster.patern


Eventually I had all six panels assembled and ready to put chicken wire on them.panels


Installing chicken wire on a panel

I cut the chicken wire to fit and attached each piece to the panel.wriepanel


And that panel goes up

I only had energy to put wire in one panel and put it up when I was done. I installed one of the roof panels, the one on the left.roofup


This roof truss holds the roof panels up and keeps them from sagging too much.

I have two roof panels up supported by the roof truss I made the other day.roof


I thought about putting wire on another panel, but my back was screaming for me to stop so I did and sat around in the yard for a bit before darkness set in.

And that was my day.

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