Constructing a Chicken Water Container and I Still Can’t Find My Lost Chick

Sunday July 1, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Need a watering system

I’m starting to see the end of all the construction of the chicken stuff.

I still have a few things to do but they are minor compared to what I’ve already done.

Today I needed to get the automatic water system for the chickens completed.

Water container construction

I had this piece of plastic five gallon container that I’d  cut into this quite some time ago and thought it would make a good watering system. I purchased a flout valve that clamps onto it’s side. It needs a top to keep the chicken out of the water and keep the water cleaner so I rounded up this board and cut it to size and cut a hole in it for a hole to hook to the valve. I only had to trim the front side of the plastic container so they could get their heads into the water.tub


I screwed the board to the plastic container and this is the finished product.water


Water container installed

Here it is installed and full of water and ready to go. It will take a bit of time for the chicks to discover it and start using it.installed


A few of my peeps

The chicks come out of the coop in the morning when I let them out and run all over feeding away until they get full or tired and they rest for awhile.

Here they are resting.peeps


Tried again to find my chick

Around 3 I decided to go over to my brother’s chickens and try once more to find my lost chicken.

But it was already too late and I still couldn’t see too good. I looked through all the chicks and just couldn’t tell which one it was so that didn’t work out.

Here’s my brother’s chicks and mine is in there someplace.chicks


I did a bit of tidying up putting some of the tools I’d been using away and still have more of that to do.

That was it for the day. Nice day.

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