Making Water Holes for the Wild Animals and the Birds in the Yard

Sunday September 7, 2014 Guerneville CA.

I had plans to do some work in the yard today, but as I sat out there deciding what to do I decided to build some watering holes for the wild animals and the birds, in my yard.

Looked at the steel scrap, but no

I hadn’t really thought about how to do it much, so first I sat around thinking of what to make it out of.  I looked through all my scarp steel and couldn’t find anything to easily make something, which was good as making things out of steel is a lot of work.

Plastic would be much easier to build

I wasn’t making much progress in figuring out something to hold water, but finally spied this liquid holder in the garage. I used a marker and sorta drew what I wanted for something to sink in the ground for the animals and used my jig saw to cut it out and with a little hand filing it was done. It has handles to left it out of the ground to dump it and clean it out.

Here you can see the liquid holder I cut up for the container.  Looks like it will work with a little paint. I used the top piece to make something for watering the birds, as I wanted to have something up in the air for them.waterer


Another reason to make this thing

One of the reasons I wanted to  make this water thing is to set up my cameras on it to send signals back to my computer in the house so I can record what’s out there. Of course all this will take some learning to set all this stuff up and that is part of the reason I decided to put the water stuff in now.

That means I needed water to run there and some power too, to power the cameras. I didn’t feel like digging any more ditches right now, so I put the water hose and extension cord inside some old  slit hose where it runs across the driveway and I’ll have to run over it with my car. That took quite a long time to accomplish.

Here is the protected hose and extension cord running across the drivewayhoses


While I was doing that I noticed this little fella which landed right next to where I was working. These are unusual in our area. I think some farmers or somebody is bringing these in for insect control, or something?mantis


Installed the water container

I dug a small hole for the water container in the ground and installed the now painted unit and put a little stick in it so smaller animals could get in and out if need be. The water and power is there too as you can see.waterhole


Something for the birds

I found a piece of pipe and installed it to hold a water container for the birds. The top half of the liquid container was used for the bird container on top of the pipe.waterholes


That will do for now

All that took most of the day and after completing it, I sat and studied it for awhile. Eventually, I will make it all look a lot more natural. This will do for now, to give me something to watch how the animals and birds react to it, so I can eventually design and build something more appropriate.

Fresh peach, Yummmmmm

After finishing that, I was thinking a nice fresh peach would be nice, so I went back and checked the peach tree to see if it still had any peaches left on it.

It did have some real nice looking peaches on the tree.peaches

I ate the one on the left and it was sure good. Indescribably delicious. There is nothing like eating fresh fruit right from the tree.

That water project sure took longer than I thought it would and I was tired out after that, so I sat around the yard and did chair hopping the rest of the day.

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