Continuing Setting Up My Chicken Butchering Area

Friday November 22, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Installed some killing cones

I needed to continue working on getting my chicken butcher stuff ready to go. I needed to mount all four of the kill cones and I wasn’t sure where I wanted them. I finally decided to build this metal thing. I welded a piece of metal to the bottom of this post so I could bury it and it would stand upright. So I dug a hole and installed it in this spot. This makes it easy to move somewhere else if I want to move it. These killing cones seem to be the most humane way to dispatch the chickens without too much fuss.cones


Water hose hookup

I still needed to hook up the water to the chicken plucker for the water hose that squirts water into it near the top. I also got my gas burner out to boil water for the process.plucker


There’s the plastic hose with holes to squirt water but it didn’t come all plumbed so I had to figure that out and do it.hose


I installed the tee and had to figure out how to hook a water hose to it. After hunting up some more parts in my stuff I got it hooked up.hookup


Gave it a test

I turned the water on and also tried out the plucker spinner to make sure it works. It did.

But the demo showed me I don’t want the plucker chicken feather exit on this side because of all the water and feathers that will come down that shoot which I’ll be walking in to work.test


Learned something and fixed it

I got that turned around and had a nice break. I still have to do a few more things before this is all ready but I’m getting there.

Puttering with that took up most of the day with just a little day left to do some chair hopping so that’s what I did.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Busy enough day. Deserved some chair hopping at the end of it.

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