Cormorants Feed and Geese Mate Kayaking Jenner

Thursday March 20, 2014 Jenner CA.

Cormorants seemed to be everywhere today, in the water and in the air

It was nice and calm when I got to Jenner today, but it didn’t last. I arrived around 10:30 AM and put my boat in the water. I paddled across the river and on up to Eagle’s Landing taking my time at a leisurely pace stopping often along the way.

Lots of cormorants

Looking across the river to Paddy’s rock, there were a bunch of cormorants sitting on some submerged gravel and a lot of them in the water by Paddy’s rock fishing away. The splashes you see by the rock are the cormorants that are fishing. The cormorants were really packed in today, so tight, I couldn’t count them. Easily over three hundred though.cormorants


After awhile I continued on up the river and turned around just below the highway one bridge.

Lots of geese today too

As I was paddling back along the edge I looked up and saw these two geese up on a rock just looking around.geese1


I passed on by and eventually they glided down to the water just below them.  About five minutes later two more geese came flying down the river and a confrontation developed between two of the geese.

The goose in the air is getting ready to attack the one in the water in this photo.geese3


It’s attaching in this photo. I didn’t know what was going on?geese


He kept attacking for around five minutes before the other one moved off a bit.geese4


Looks like the female of the losing  goose was in heat as the winner mated in this photo.geese5

Another five minutes and the pair that flew in flew off.

I continued down the river. There were several great blue herons around the shoreline today, just sunning, not fishing, so they must have been full of something.heron


More cormorants fishing away

Just as I passed the Eagle’s Landing area, I spied a bunch of cormorants fishing away .

Here are a few of them.cormorantsfish


These cormorants were fishing away and so were a couple seals with them, looking down towards the town of Jenner.jenner


I paddled on down the back channel of Penny Island and the wind picked up to about 25 miles an hour. Jenner has more wind in the spring, so it is to be expected.

A walk on Penny Island

I decided to go for a walk on Penny Island and let the wind blow. This is where I put in to shore on the west end of Penny Island.kayak2


I walked about half way across the island and back again, taking a good break too.

Like I said the wind was blowing fairly strong, but I wanted to go down and check out what was happening at the river’s mouth, so when I got back in my boat, I headed on down to the river’s mouth areas,  through the wind, just have to paddle a bit harder.

More birds fishing

Just as I cleared the island, I noticed more cormorants and now also seagulls diving and swimming feeding on something, likely small fish.birdseat


The River’s mouth area

The Pacific ocean was real rough and waves were breaking over the beach.

A harbor seal walking on the beach by the river’s mouth .seals


The clam water in the river looking out to the Pacific ocean which is where all the white stuff is and it’s rough out there. I stay in the river.mouth


Like I said, it was real rough out there today.ocean


By now, I was fairly beat from my walk and paddling against the wind, so I headed on in for the day and took out about 4 PM.

I came on home and had a nap and then went out and did some yard work, mostly moving more mulch to my blue berry patch.

More napping after that, I was real tired out today, but had a good day.

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