Corn Free Shopping, a Dentist Visit and Some Old Dead Wood

Thursday October 9, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Shopping first

Today, I had to go to the dentist and I thought she was going to remove a crown, , but I got lucky.

But first, I went over to do some shopping at Santa Rosa. I was going to check out Cash and Carry to see what they had in corn free food.

I bought a big bag of rice, a big bag of black beans and a big bag of small white beans, all corn free. I also thought I’d try some rice noodles they had, and  a box of kosher salt and one big bundle of kosher hot dogs. Most kosher stuff doesn’t have corn stuff in it, something about no corn being around in the olden days or something like that. Whatever, it’s a good thing for me.

Then as long as I was doing the restaurant supply places, I went over to check out the Smart and Final place that was now open to the public. I found some Arabic coffee beans that should be corn free. Believe it or not, most coffee has some kind of corn in it, I think it’s from the water bath they use to get the beans out of the berries, but haven’t been able to pin it down.

Both stores were real nice and offer goods one might not find in the normal markets.

Time to kill

I had some time to kill before my two thirty dentist appointment, so decided to go check out the Sebastopol golf course, as I’ve never driven down that road before and it was on the way to the dentists. I’m not a golfer, but just wanted to check the area out.

I drove down that road and found a place in the shade to park and try to nap for an hour or  so before my appointment.

I thought I allowed enough time to get to the  dentist, but guess what. They were working on the road on the way and traffic was stopped for a longer than normal time. I had to hurry after I got through that and I made it in time.

I like my dentist people

All the ladies at my dentist are nice, so I enjoy visiting with them. They took me right in and a surprise was waiting. My dentist decided not to pull the crown and try to fill the bad part from the side which she did, which saved me a bundle both in money and time.

After that, I took my dead jaw home and put the groceries away and it was nap  time.

Worked on the old log a bit

After a good nap I went outside to see what I could do with removing this big decayed log from my new well site.log


After taking the wrecking bar to it, removing the decayed wood, it looked like this. I will take all the decayed wood over to my blue berry and potato patch and use it for mulch.rottenlog


Some of the log is still solid so I’ll have to figure out what to do about that part and that was it for another day.

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