Crab, Seals, Birds and an Otter Kayaking Jenner

Thursday November 14, 2013 Jenner CA.

I went down to Jenner to kayak today around eleven AM. As I approached Jenner, I could see Ray was already in the water and headed over to Penny Island. I put my boat in the water and parked my car and headed over to where Ray was and joined him.

As I approached, he said there were a bunch of crabs in the water that he could see. Interesting as usually only the seagulls can see them. I’ve tried to see them many times but they hide good. But today, there were some in the weeds in the shallows. they had grown a bit bigger than the ones I usually see the seagulls eat during the summer. About twice as big now, about three inches or so across. These are Dungeness crab, in the river trying to grow big. They seem to be feeding on the weeds that grow under the water, or maybe just hiding in them?

Here is one I was able to get a picture of in about two feet of water.crab


We sat around there for awhile, then I asked Ray, which way, up or down. He indicated down toward the mouth, so we headed on down that way.

This is the view as we headed down towards the river’s mouth area. The mouth is down there at the bottom of that hill on the right.clouds


There were some seals down there on the sandy beach and also these guys on a big rock submerged in the water.seals


We took a look at the river’s mouth and it appeared to be closed.

This is a picture of the river’s mouth with sand across it making it appear to be closed.mouth


However, once I approached it closer I could see it was still open. See the water on the right that is still flowing to the ocean.mouthopen


I doubt it will stay open long as a high tide with a rough ocean should likely close it up again.

We hung around the mouth area for awhile before heading back up the river, up the back channel of Penny Island. There were a lot of seagulls flying around and in the water at the west end of the island as we went by and headed up the channel.

About half way up the channel we ran into a lot of coots and as we were watching them a bald headed Eagle dove on them for a bit and then left without scoring.

Here are a few of the coots we saw.mudhens


We headed on up the south shoreline towards eagle’s landing.

A kingfisher was on a bush nearby. Usually when I rise the camera to get a picture, they fly, so I didn’t try to get a pic at first, but this one stayed for a bit, so I was able to get it’s photo, just before it did take off.kingfisher


We continued on up and ran into these two seals taking it easy on submerged redwood logs. seals2


One took off and this one stayed.seal


We paddled up to Eagle’s landing where we sat for awhile just checking things out. A cool breeze came up that was making me cold. We headed back down the river to the east end of Penny Island where I saw something move on a big log. Looking, an otter popped up eating something, likely a crab and then just checked us out.

Here is the otter checking us out. It stayed for a bit and then was gone.otter


This is the view as we headed in for the


Nice day kayaking Jenner.

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