Seagulls are Eating Crab in the Russian River Estuary

Wednesday November 13, 2013 Jenner CA.

Some Fog on and off too

It looked like it was going to be nice day when I got up this morning. So, off I went to Jenner to kayak for the day.

As I arrived in Jenner, there was a little band of fog covering the town of Jenner, but not anywhere else. I was hoping it would leave soon.

The water level indicated the river’s mouth was still open.

I put my boat in the water, paddled over to Penny Island and on up the river on the south shoreline.

The town of Jenner has a band of fog across it as I paddled up the river.foggy


I saw a seagull eating something so I went over to see what it was. It was eating a small Dungeness crab.seagull


Two biologists went on by. These two guys take the readings off measuring devices up and down the river. The sensors measure temperature, salt and oxygen in the water.bio2


I caught up with them at one of the measuring stations at Eagle’s landing. I knew these guys as I’ve ran into them before, so I shot the bull with them for a bit. One guy is hiding behind the other guy, just so you don’t think I’m nuts talking about two guys. :O)biologists


They were having some trouble getting the measurement off this station, so after awhile I left them and went on up the river a little ways further, taking my time, of course.

Eventually, they passed me by and went on up the river to some more measuring stations. I turned around and started back down the river. I took the back channel of Penny Island. About half way down, I ran into another seagull eating a crab. It just caught this one and hasn’t pulled it’s legs and claws off yet. Can you imagine having your arms and legs pulled off, one by one and being eaten, while you are alive? Nature is not kind.seagull2


Just past that, there were a couple turkey vultures sitting in some trees. This is the same place I saw a dead coot in the water a couple days ago and I think that is what they were going after.vulture


I continued on down the island back channel to the little slot near the west end and pulled in for a break. Across from me, on Penny Island, there were some geese sitting on the shore, taking it easy. See them?geese


Here are some of them. I keep thinking one of them would be nice on the BBQ.geese2


Coming though that little band of fog, I got a bit on the cold side so was thinking of going on home where it was warm.

There were a bunch of seagulls in the water at the west end of the island, mostly bathing and taking it easy.seagulls


Just as I approached the west end of the island, most of the fog cleared over Jenner.jenner


I headed on in and passed another seagull with a small crab in the water. Seems like there were a lot of small crab in the water today too, or the seagulls wouldn’t have done so well.seagull3


I took my boat out of the water and went on home with intentions of doing a little work on my van exhaust problem. But for some reason I was real tired and the couch win out.

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