Crabbing by the Jetty At Bandon Oregon

Saturday February 3, 2018 Bandon Oregon

A short drive north to Bandon

We left about 9:30 today to go crabbing. We drove up 101 north to Ron’s place just below Bandon. He has a boat and most of the crab traps.

We all headed on up to Bandon and put in down near the river’s mouth here. That’s the boat on the left which Steve and Ron will use and John and I are in the kayaks with John standing there.ramp1


We left the ramp and crossed over the river to the rocky jetty area about a half mile. I followed.boats2


Putting out the traps

They put out five crab traps. We immediately lost site of one of the traps and couldn’t fine the buoy, but figured the fast incoming high tide was strong enough to submerge the buoy it was out of site. We figured it would show up when the tide went slack and it did.drop3


These people rode their horses by us and returned later.horses4


The boat is just finishing putting out all the traps and up ahead is some kind of light house.drop5


Here’s the lighthouse on the north jetty.lighthouse6


Killed some time

We hung around out there shooting the bull for a half hour or so then they pulled up a trap or two.

Time to pull up some traps

Here they are hooking the buoy to pull up the crab trap.hook9


We caught some crab, but most of them were females or too small so we had to throw most of them back.crab7


Here Steve is throwing a small one back.crab8


Here’s he’s pulled another pot up and we had a couple keepers.crab10


We were catching lots of crab but most of them were non keepers.crab11


Not as good as bragged about

Well we didn’t do quite as well as the guys n the boat bragged about, but we got enough for us and some friends to have a nice crab dinner.

We are back at the boat ramp loading the boat back on the trailer.ramp12


Installed some spark plugs on the big motor

From there we drove on over to the Napa parts store to get new spark  plugs for the larger motor as it wouldn’t run  properly.

Steve installed the new plugs at the Napa Store and we stopped at a small lake to test the engine out.

Test fails, no start

We put the boat in the water, but couldn’t get the engine started so had no choice but to put the boat back on the trailer and head on home.testnoat13


Ron hits pot holes and messes up the boat

Driving out the dirt road to the main road Ron hit a pot hole that tilted his boat on the trailer badly so we stopped at Ron’s house to help him get the boat back on the trailer properly. Luckily he has a Bobcat machine which we used to get the boat back right on the trailer. Steve then tried to get the motor to go again with no luck. They need some new cables to make it all work right.motor13


I’ll stick with my kayak as there are no motors to deal with.

Once home Steve set up water for boiling and he boiled up the crab.

Our share

Here’s our share of the crab all cooked up and ready to consume. Ron was nice enough to donate his share of the crab to us so we had plenty for friends too.crab14


Just the way crab should be

Steve and I devour the crab we had. Nice and fresh and firm and sweet. Yummmmmm.eatting15

All the paddling I did today chasing the motor boat around really wore me out so I am beat.

Nice day.

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