Exploring Around Bandon and Coquille Oregon

Tuesday February 6, 2018 Bandon Oregon

Exploring around Bandon Oregon

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today. Steve went to work then came back home saying he had the day off. But he didn’t seem to want to do much so I decided to go up to Bandon to do a bit of exploring around. I’m always looking for a nice place to put my boat in the water and have a nice paddle.

I drove on north around noon today to Bandon. I went through Bandon and turned onto the North Coquille River Road or whatever it was called.

Rocky Point Park

A little ways in I spotted this launch area at Rocky Point County Park. I stopped to check it out. It looked ok, but I like places that aren’t as big water as this. I continued on up the road.rockpark1


Town of Coquille

I made it to the town of Coquille and hunted around until I found this launch area on the river. Way too muddy right now. I looked and then took the south river road back to Bandon. 43s I think it was.coquille2


North Jetty Light House

Once back in Bandon, I drove a bit north to the North Jetty road which was a state park I’ve forgotten the name of. I drove all the way out the road to the North Jetty Light House which I could see the other day when we were here crabbing.light3


Here’s the view out the jetty from the lighthouse into the Pacific Ocean.jetty4


And this is the  view up the the beach North.beach5


Crabbed here the other day

This was looking back towards Bandon were we were crabbing the other day just in front of these rocks.crabomg6


And this is looking out the mouth of the Coquille River where it runs into the ocean.jetty7


Headed on back to Port Orford

I left the jetty about 5 and headed south down 101 back to Port Orford. I had planned to kayak at Lake Bradley, but it was too late so I scratched that and continued on home for the day.

Maybe some late night crabbing

While I was at Coquille, I picked up some chicken quarters for crab bait as we are planning to go out crabbing tonight late.

And that was my day for a good one.

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