Cutting Rebar and Welding Up Gate Panels and Grow Panel Sides

Wednesday November 7, 2018 Guerneville Ca.

Cut and weld

First thing I did today was feed and water the chickens.

After that it took me a long time to get the next project going. I brought all the grow panels I’d made earlier back to the welding area so I could measure them to cut more rebar to make the sides to them as sides are needed to keep the chickens from getting under them

Smaller is better sometimes

I measured them and cut rebar. The largest one I barely got out of the chicken pen through the door so decided I better cut it in half or I wouldn’t be able to get it back into the pen once I added the sides.

Welded up gate panels

Once that was all done, I welded on the gate panels first and got two of them made but I need more hinges to complete the other one.

Here’s one of the new gate panels I made. It still needs wire installed but at least it’s all welded up now.DSC03489


Rebar for grow panel sides

I cut all the rebar for all the grow panels but the day started to cool down so I quite a chair hopped most of the rest of the day.

Here’s some of the grow panels ready to have the sides welded on them.DSC03487


Spreading dirt

I did spread out some of the dirt I moved the other day and studied what I need to do to keep my projects going. I’d planned to butcher a chicken, but I was too beat to do that so maybe tomorrow.

That was my day.

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