Cutting Trees Off a Trail and Exercising the Dozer

Tuesday November 22, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Working in the forest

It seemed like a good day to go up the hill and cut some trees off a trail I’ve been looking at. So, I gassed and oiled the chain saw that’s working. It seemed like it was sharp enough, but I decided to sharpen up the chain so I did that too. I had a new file which  made the job easier.

I fastened the saw on the little quad I ride and rode up the hill to the Y and parked here as the trail was just down from this spot, but I had to walk as there were trees across the trail.quad


Started with this tree

This was the first tree I cut off the trail, a fir tree and the little one had to go too.treedown


I cut it in big chunks, but later whet back and cut it up smaller so I could push it off the trail.treecut


The next tree was a bigger mess, a big oak tree.tree


The saw makes quick work of trees like that.saw


Here’s another smaller tree I cut off the trail.trail


That all tuckered me out more than I thought it would, so I was beat, but I got the trees off the trail.

The dozer needs to be run

I needed to exercise the dozer so I rode down to it and warmed it up and rode it back up the hill as I wanted to go to the top of the ridge where a big tree was across the road.dozer


I drove on up the road through here.dozerroad


The ridge top is where I can overlook the town of Guerneville, here.guerneville


I took care of that tree

I pushed the big tree off the road and started back down the hill going through here. The stuff you see on the road is fresh from a wild pig rooting things up looking for bugs, worms and acorns.roadpig


I took the dozer down through here and parked it up higher than my quad runner was parked.roaddown


A nice little walk down the hill

So I had to walk down through here on this old road, back to where the quad runner was parked. Good thing it was down hill as I was pretty beat by now.roadwalk


By the time I got home I could barely move, so I guess I got enough exercise today. The day was almost over so that was it for me. I always enjoy working in the woods for another nice day.

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