Dan and I Putter Around Eden Bench at Troy Oregon

Sunday May 14, 2017 Troy Oregon

Looking like a nice day

I sleep in a couple extra hours this morning mostly because I could. When I got it going this was my view out the van’s side doors.vanview


Prime rib for dinner

When I entered the main house, this was my view. The are prepping a prime rib for dinner. We eat pretty good around here.rib


Dan gets the new cabinets up

After that I supervised Dan while he put up the new cabinets and the new microwave.cabs


Dan also assigned me the task of installing a new sound bar and speakers for the TV which I worked on while not supervising.

A walk to the winter feed barn

After a break Dan and I went for a walk up to the winter feeding barn, up this road. In the winter when this place is all snow the fish and game feed elk, deer and wild sheep from this barn.road


We spotted this old sign on the way. It said Little Dribble Spring.dribble

Old log water trough

We are headed for the feed barn where we found a spot to sit down. There’s two water troughs in the picture. One old one made out of a log and then a newer tank in the back.barn


Great view from the barn

Here’s the view from our barn seats. This was once someone’s old homestead, but now the Oregon fish and game own it.barnview


Dan taking off

On the way back we moved off the road and walked through this spot. I’m not sure what Dan is up to in this picture, but it looks like he is playing airplane. :O)dan


We are headed back to the house which you see down in the trees overlooking the river down below.house


Delicious prime rib dinner

When we got back Dan checked the prime rib and said it was done. Yummmmm.dinner


After a delicious dinner I walked out on the deck and walked over the side a bit on the other side of those trees. I was watching an elk down there.camp


I walked out this way looking over the side at the elk, but it was too far off for photos.flowers


And that was it for another day.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your blogs, beautiful country and wonderful people. Don’t forget if you run across a pair of “you know what” for sale give me a holler and I’ll hook up my trailer.

    Safe travels, Ken

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