Dan’s Fuel Pump Repair and Nesting Chickens

Wednesday May 26, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Helping Dan

When I went outside this morning I found Dan working on his truck to replace his fuel pump that was in his gas tank. He jacked up his pickup bed to get to the gas tank to do the work.truck


Locating a fuel pump

He called around to find a parts house that had the pump he needed in stock then I drove him to Santa Rosa to pick it up.

After that he installed the pump and I helped him with the wiring.

Truck starts

Here he is taping up the wiring.  We tried starting the truck and it started right up which was nice.tank



He put it all back together then we sat around until 10 pm shooting the bull.

Moving nesting chickens

He went to bed and I went out to the chicken pen to move two broody hens into the chick pen into some new nesting boxes I made out of cardboard boxes. I moved 12 eggs each into each nest and moved a hen into each one. That all seemed to go well and we’ll see tomorrow if they are happy about it or not. It they are not sitting on the eggs I have 4 more broody hens to try.

That was my day for a nice one.

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