Day 7 Mojave Road Trail Wrap Up and Heading North

Sunday March 8, 2020 Highway 95 north, California

Leaving the Mojave Road Trail

We had a powwow last night to decide what we were going to do with the rains coming in in a few days. The second half of the Mojave Road trail wasn’t a good place to be caught in the rains.

After some discussion we decided we’d had a great time and let’s not take any chances so we decided to pull out on the road to Baker on Interstate 15 in the morning.

Camp spot

Our camp this morning as we sat around and let the sun warm us up.camp1


Last part of the Mojave Road Trial

We were on the road just after ten. The sand on the road was a bit soft so 4 wheel was necessary all the way out.road2


This was the type of road we drove out on all the way through very soft sand.road3


End of the trail

We are at the end of the sandy road so we are taking the 4 wheel drive hubs out getting ready for some pavement.hubs4


This is the road we took to Baker, nice and straight and flat.road5


I followed Marty and Patti to Baker.road6


Sucky Baker

We arrived at Baker and all I can give it is it’s a sorta sucky place with high gas and not much in the way of a market.

Said our goodbyes

I said my goodbyes to Patti and Marty and we parted ways with me headed sorta to home the long way.

Traveling North

I took highway 127 out of Baker headed North where I’ll catch highway 95 North.

I stopped at this rest stop to rest up and check my maps as I wanted a place to camp for the night up the road somewhere. This is Salt Creek Rest stop.saltcreek7


Tonight’s camp

I found a camp spot off on this rocky road where I’ll camp for the night. I walked back up this hill for a walk in the evening.walk75


I’m camped down there for the night.van8



Tomorrow I’ll continue North headed for highway 95 headed to Bishop eventually on highway 395 by way of highway 6.

We had an interesting trip doing the Mojave Road Trail and a lot of fun with some challenges.

Nice day, great trip.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    With all the recent rain, I’d say you made the right choice.

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