Dead Gate, The River is Up and I Find Some More Damage from the Storm

Sunday March 6, 2016 Guerneville CA.

No internet

I checked the phone line when I got it going this morning and it was dead as I expected, so no internet and I wanted to post yesterdays blog.

I walked over to check out my brother’s gate that got tackled by a redwood tree limb or two during last nights storm. It looked like someone had cleaned up the down tree limbs, and the gate was dead alright.gate


Raging creek

On the way back to my house I checked out the creek that was now down from raging last night. It looked like it was flowing nicely and no stumps or anything blocking it’s flow, so all was good.creek


Where to publish my blog

I needed to publish my blog, so I had several possible places to do it. I chose Ray’s house, just down the road. Ray was busy vacuuming, so I had a little trouble getting his attention for all the noise from the machine. His wife found the piece of paper with the password written on it and I got connected and published.

Headed for the river mouth overlook

With that taken care of, I thought I’d drive down to Jenner and have a look at the overlook and maybe go kayaking if it wasn’t raining and not too windy. It was raining when I left Ray’s house and headed down that way, but when I got to Monte Rio, the ground was dry.


Here I am at the overlook, looking up the river. We had enough rain that the river is up and muddy again. Great for the fish as they are mostly safe in this water.overlook


The river’s mouth was wide open, but still a bit restricted making the estuary fairly high at seven feet at the boat ramp. With all this water and more coming, the mouth should open up deeper soon and maybe even start to move north again.moouth


The ocean was fairly rough as it’s been lately. Lots of chocolate water going out the mouth and into the ocean.ocean


Lots of seagulls and some cormorants resting on the sand on the right side of the mouth.birds


Over to the left, the harbor seals were resting and a few people milling around on the beach too.seals


Should I kayak or not

It wasn’t raining down here and the wind wasn’t too bad, so I was thinking maybe I’d put my boat in, so I drove back to the boat ramp to think about it.

As I was checking it out, John who lives down here came by and we started shooting the bull. During that short time, the wind picked up and it started to rain. John ducked under a canopy and I headed to my car, my mind now made up about kayaking for the day.

Jenner boat rampramp


I headed on home where the rain had stopped for just a bit. It looks like my fence took a hit from a limb from this redwood tree, just to the left. When the rain stops for a bit, I’ll have to remove the limbs and just prop it up a bit and that should take care of it.fence


Later in the day, I saw my brother’s truck home so I went over to see if he needed some help with his gate and saw the phone guy there putting the line back up on the pole that got knocked down last night. My brother said he needed to take the wheels off the gate to grease them before putting it back up.

I had my pressure cooker going with a chuck roast in it and I had to get back to the house to take it off the burner on time so I left. It wasn’t too long until my internet was back and everything is back to normal. There’s another storm coming in at seven tonight so we’ll see if we have a repeat of yesterday or not.

Nice day just puttering around.

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