Dentist, Pressure Washer Bracket, Strawberries, Pink Roses

Wednesday April 27, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Dentist day

Today was the day to head to the dentist as I had a tooth that needed checked on. I suspected I might need a root cannel.

But it was checked out and nothing was found wrong except it was a little high and hitting the top tooth a little hard, so she trimmed the teeth down some so they hit a little lighter and sent me on my way saying we’d work on trimming up the other side of my mouth the next time I’m in the office which is next week for a cleaning.

Tried some new skin burn stuff

I drove over to Santa Rosa to pick up some skin burn stuff that was recommended by a friend and stopped by to visit Marty and Patti, but I missed them, so I came on home.

I tried the new stuff but it was a bust as it had way too much alcohol in it and it caused me to burn and itch badly until I  hopped in the shower and washed it off, not soon enough as it caused stuff to turn red. The alcohol might have been corn based, which I’m allergic to, but the label didn’t state what the alcohol was made from, which is a good reason in itself to suspect the alcohol was corn based.

I’ll stick with what I’ve been using as things are improving a lot because I’ve learned how to manage the healing process. Right now a lot of dry skin is peeling off which needs to stay moisturized to keep it from itching bad.

What’s this bracket all about



I was sitting in the yard next to the pressure washer and thinking it was sure a bad design having the hose rack just over the left tire as the hoses are always getting run over or in the way of the tire when the cart is moved making it a real pain all the time.

I was thinking that the bracket that holds the hose should of been put high on the handle bar so the hoses would be out of the way of the wheels. I thought of ways to modify the bracket, but I wanted an easier way so I finally settled on using metal hose clamps to attach the bracket in a better place without doing too much work.

This is how the hoses now look wrapped up and ready for transport and not getting in the way of anything.cart


Of course I mounted it on the wrong side first as it was near where the hot muffler gases come out, so I had to move it to the other side, which I did.

Trimmed the apricot tree

Another little project I did was trim the dead branches off my apricot tree. The tree is still young and has some growing to do. Unfortunately, no apricots survived this years weather.apricottee


Strawberries at Armstrong Valley Farm

I sat around the yard some more and was thinking a few strawberries would be good, so I walked over to my brother’s garden.

I peeked in his greenhouse and could see his seedlings for this year have been growing a lot.greenhouse


And the lettuce and strawberry plants have been growing a lot


You can see the strawberry plants have gotten quite a bit larger since the last time I was over here and more red berries too.berrypatch


The strawberries are doing nicely.yumy


It doesn’t take long to fill up on berries.strawberries


Walking back to my house I cross this bridge over the creek on the way.creek


I spent the rest of the day puttering around the yard and mostly just sitting around taking it easy.

Pink roses

I took some pictures of my pick rose, but couldn’t decide which one to show off, so you got both of them.pinkrose


This was the other nice picture of the pink


That was my day.

I just got an email from my friend Marty who has a cabin near Boonville. I’m thinking of going up to visit him for a few days and if I do, there won’t be any blogs until I get back, maybe on Monday.

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