Dermatologist Appointment, Shopping and the Leaf Spring Guys and Some Strawberries Too.

Tuesday June 7, 2016 Guerneville CA.

First off to the dermatologist

Today I had an appointment with my dermatologist so off I went to see her first thing. The purpose was to have her check out my healing process on the skin I burned with water a few months ago and to have her check out my body for moles and stuff.

My burns from the hot water have taken longer to heal than I would of thought. They are still healing but at least now most of the bad itching from them isn’t too bad. I mostly itch now when I get overheated.

She froze some things on my skin, but mostly found things looking pretty good as far as moles and things.

Shopping for food

As long as I was in Santa Rosa I did some shopping so I have stuff to eat.

New leaf springs for the van

And as long as I was there, I dropped into the spring place to see what it would take to make some new leaf springs for the front of my van and about how much they would cost.

I think I’m going to get it done, so now I have to take my van down to them so they can measure what size springs the van needs. The ones on there are not only worn out, but they are just a bit too long and bang into the frame when I hit a bump hard, so the new ones need to be just a bit shorter, so that’s why I’m going to take the van down and let them do all the measuring as they are supposed to know what they are doing. The wait time on getting new springs built is five days, so I need to get with it as I have places to go.

When I got home I put my stuff away and it was nap time so that’s what I did.

Strawberry fix

I puttered around the yard for a bit, not accomplishing much. Toward evening I decided to go over to my brother’s garden and see how the strawberries were doing.

It’s about a quarter mile walk over there from my house and I go over this bridge.walk


I looked at the creek to see how much water was in it. Not much. This creek dries up in the early summer. I bet in the olden days there were beaver on this creek and it didn’t dry up like it does now. Without the summer water, it’s not a good spawning creek anymore and there aren’t many fish in it.creek


Piggy piggy

I heard the pigs squealing so I went over to have a look.pigs


Of course they all came over to say hi, or at least to see if I had any food.piggys


From there I opened the gate to the garden and walked on


The strawberries have slowed a bit and the plants have grown a lot.berryplants


Huge strawberries

With the larger plants, I notice most of the berries which seem to be coming on again are huge.strawberries


Of course I ate a few and that was all I needed with them as large as they were.

On the way out I went by these yellow crook necked squash plants that are looking good. They are just starting to produce along with his zucchini squash that were right next to them.squash


Planning some remodeling in the van

I went back to my yard and had a look at the inside back of my van. Since I got the new refrigerator, I’ve been thinking I need to remodel the back storage area as I’m just not happy with how it is now. So, I’m thinking of working on that before I take off on my next trip somewhere.

That was pretty much my day.

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