Desert trip to Nevada and Idaho With Ray

Thursday August 1, 2019 Bruneau Idaho

Headed to the desert

We got off on our trip around 9 in the morning on Tuesday headed towards Nevada.

We drove for about 8 hours to this spot where highway 95 north runs into highway 80 where I have a camp site I use when I travel through here. it was a long drive and we were happy to crash at this spot.

Day 1 camp

It’s not much but it’s quiet and away from the highway noise.camp1


We got an early start the next morning and we drove to Winnemucca where we gassed up and Ray got some ice.

Traveling graveled roads

We than left and headed across the state on the Midas Tuscarora road headed north easterly across the state through the desert.

I stopped here to point out the town of Midas where there is a huge gold mine.midas


Ray doesn’t like the dust

I took a side road to show some stuff to Ray where we went by these cattle. Ray wasn’t liking all the dust and let  me know it. But what the hey, this is desert and dirt is the norm.cattle


Willow Creek Reservoir camp day 1

We made it to Willow Creek Reservoir where I planned to camp for the night. We are sitting on the dam having a look around here.willow


After having a look around we drove down to the back side of the dam where I had a camp by the creek.

Here’s our camp spot behind the dam.camp2


Ray needed a bath so he went for a swim in the creek.ray


We went for a walk down and up the creek from our camp spot.

That nights sunset was pretty good.sunset


Dirt roads

The next day we drove on crossing the desert and drove up this road a bit dusty for Ray.dust


We drove through this area a nice lush area.hills


Over Maggie’s pass

And up to Maggie’s pass and down the other side through this valley with lots of big ranches in it.ranch


Indian Reservation

From there we headed to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation to gas up and check the internet. I hadn’t writing any posts yet so I checked my email and checked in with a short blog.

Had to change plans to Bruneau

Ray wasn’t liking the dust coming into the back of his truck so I decided to give him a chance to do something else as if we went to Jarbidge he’d be driving on dirt roads for three days. So I said we could skip that and just go to Bruneau to camp for a couple days and it was all paved roads so we did that.

We got busted

We were supposed to stop at a boat inspection spot when we entered Idaho but I missed the sign and the next thing we knew there were flashing lights behind us so we pulled over and the guy gave us a lecture. We would have stopped but I missed the turn sign as they had it in a bad place. Anyway we went back and got checked out and then went to the town of Bruneau where Ray bought ice. Then we drove out of town up a road to a possible camp spot on the Bruneau river which actually turned out to be a swimming hole for the kids from Bruneau and elsewhere so we had a lot of nice company.

Lots of nice people here in Bruneau at the swimming hole

It’s not normally  my kind of camp spot but I did have a good time chatting with all the people as they were all very nice.swimmers


We are spending the night and may spend another day here since we didn’t go to Jarbidge.

I will try to post this at the Bruneau library on the way out.

So far we are having a good time driving around the desert except for Ray’s not liking the dust getting into the back of his truck. We’ll be heading up to Troy Oregon from here in a couple days.

That’s it.


We had a good time on the Bruneau river but it is a bit hot here.
Good thing we were on the river.

Ray and I are headed North to Troy Oregon and there is likely no internet there so you’ll heard from us when I can post.

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  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Hey Bob…..I am in no way like Ray……It is forecast for 100* in the next few days, then cooling down….
    Head to Given’s if too hot …..They have shady trees…With the hot water…

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