Dirt Bike Ride With Tom and Barry Through the Fire Area

Monday September 14, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

Barry came by this morning after he and Tom did some fire prevention on another piece of our property across the river.

We had a mission to find the Cal Fire rehab guy as Barry wanted to talk with him, but where was he?

The best way to find him was to go look for him on our dirt bikes as he was supposed to be in the fire area somewhere. So Tom and Barry and I hopped on the dirt bikes and took off up through the state park.brothers1


State Park

We stopped in the park to talk with Brandon thinking he  might know where he might be. Turned out he was at some other location today.

Brandon informed us this was the last day we could ride through the park without getting cited. We knew that was coming soon so no surprise.park2


The Hermit’s power

The power guys said the hermit would get his power restored by Friday. He’s been home for a couple of days without power and can get by as he didn’t have any power when he first moved there.

An excuse

So no one else knew we knew where the rehab guy was so we had an excuse to go for a dirt bike ride and look for him in the fire area up through the park.

We stopped here so Barry could use his phone to call the Cal Fire rehab guy. He was able to get the guy and told him what he needed to know.stop3


My brother Tom hadn’t been up to Bull Frog Pond so we headed up that way stopping here to check out the view. Still lots of smoke in the sky.lookout4


This was the view from that spot.view5


Bull Frog Pond

We made it down to Bull Frog Pond. Not much water in that pond or for that matter any bull frogs.bulfrrog6


Tom hadn’t been as many places as Barry and I so we took him to some of the spots we rode to yesterday. This is a State communication tower up above Bull Frog Pond.tower7


The fire burned right up to it and took the power out. Barry is checking out the pole as it was different than most poles. It appeared to be made out of fibber glass, likely so it didn’t interfere with the radio signals.pole8


Horse Heaven

This area overlooks what they call Horse Heaven which burned pretty good.view9



We rode around some fire roads then headed back towards Robert’s place when we ran into this smoke in this debrie pile. Tom tried to put it out but it was hot down deep in the dirt so Barry called the Cal fire rehab guy to report it. We did get it mostly out so put some green tape on it so the guys that were coming up that the rehab guy sent would find it.smoke10


Burned up house

Then we continued our ride towards the Robert place stopping at a burned up house.

We were looking at this truck that burned up. It had aluminum wheels that melted during the fire and left these weird streaks of aluminum when it melted during the hot fire.truck11


This was the house site where we stopped.house12


We rode on down to Robert’s place and talked with them for awhile and then headed for home.

I did a bit of chair hopping and some watering and that was it for me today.

Nice day, good ride.

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3 Responses to Dirt Bike Ride With Tom and Barry Through the Fire Area

  1. Nancy K says:

    So why can you not ride your bikes in the park? Sad to see that house and truck. Good of you to keep looking for hot spots … might save someone’s house before it flares back up. Down by our rock plant, fires would burn undergroud for weeks before finally going out. Good to hear the hermit is back safe and sound.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Interesting but sad ride. Losing your personal things, a home, truck. :(

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