Dirt Bike Rides and Expanding the Chicken’s Roost Area

Friday September 18, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

After getting it going today and taking care of the chicken’s feeding I went out in the yard and did some chair hopping. I could hear some noise up in the hills where the forest fire was.

So with nothing better to do I hopped on the dirt bike to go up and see what’s been going on up there in the last couple of days.

Whatever was up there must have gone as I didn’t find any machines up there. I rode on down this fire trail road. A water truck had been by as there was some water on the road. The water truck guy is watering the road and driving up and down on it to pack it in which is making the road pretty good.forest1


I stopped at the Y for a bit. You can see what the water truck guy has been doing. I think the grader was by here a couple days ago too as the road is fairly smooth.road2


I did run into 2 guys up the road doing some rehab work with hand tools.rehab3


This is the Guerneville overlook which looks down on the town of Guerneville. There’s still some smoke in the sky. The wind came up in the afternoon and may have blown the smoke away as it cleared up at my house.guerneville


Expanding the roost area

Back home I got my tools together to expand the chickens roost area as I have more chickens so need more roosting places once they get a bit larger.pen5


Another dirt bike ride

But as I was getting  started I heard my brother Barry ride into the yard on his dirt bike so I joined him for another dirt bike ride up in the hills.

After that I needed a good nap.

And eventfully got back to work on the new roost expansion cutting the redwood logs to size and putting up posts to support the roost.logs6


These are the new logs for the chickens to roost on.logs7


Roost ladder

I also improved the ladder for them to get up there putting more steps on it so the smaller guys can get up to the roost easier.ladder8


This was my work area with the expanded roost installed and all done except for the clean up and putting the tools away.working9


When I rode by our water tanks earlier I noted they were full of water almost to the top so I put a sprinkler on in the yard to water some cherry trees and get the weeds to grow for the chickens to eat.

This is the roosting area in action just after dark.roosting


More light means more eggs

The light is to make the daylight longer to improve the number of eggs I get as this time of year they go into molt and my egg production goes way down and light is supposed to improve the number of eggs by making the daylight longer. It does seem to work as I went from 5 eggs a day to 8 or even more on some days.

That was it for an enjoyable and a productive day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I know your chickens love you! It’s funny how they like to roost up high. Ours would roost in the very top of the barn.

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