Dozer Joy Ride and I Work Hard at Cutting Firewood

Saturday December 2, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Cutting  firewood

My plan today was to go up the hill and cut some firewood. The sun wasn’t shinning when I got it going this morning so I put on some warm cloths and jumped on  my quad runner for the ride up the hill.

Bull dozer can be handy

Since we have a bull dozer it comes in handy when wood cutting so I stopped to get it to  take up to the wood cutting site.

I picked up the dozer here.dozer1


It’s a ways up to the wood  cutting area so I take a joy ride on the dozer.dozer2


Up this road as I near the top of the  hill.dozer3


And up this road to the wood cutting area where I knocked the trees down the other day.dozer4


I worked all day on the wood cutting, sawing and splitting wood.

I worked hard and didn’t stop until the dark snuck up on  me. It was too dark to get  any pictures and I worked so hard I didn’t get around to taking any pictures

I had to walk back to where I picked up the dozer this morning where I left the quad runner. It was a bit dark so I was careful to watch for the bogyman but he  didn’t show. And I didn’t get attacked by any wild pigs or mountain lions either. I carry a big stick just in case though.

Here’s the best the camera would do in the dark as I walked back to the quad runner.dark5


I didn’t get all the wood cut up, but I made a good stab at it. Just a little to do next time.

My body says it worked hard today.

That was my day for a productive one.

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