Drying Prunes, Mosquito Nets And Battling the Wild Blackberry Vines

Saturday August 1, 2015 Guerneville CA.

This morning I decided to stay home and finish the van maintenance and do some puttering around the yard.

Drying prunes

I started the day uncovering the prunes I’m drying in the sun. I like the smell of them as they are drying, especially when it gets real hot.

Prunes drying on a tarp. There’s some leaves mixed in there, but they will blow away as things dry out.prunes


Finished checking the van fluids

After that, I crawled under the van and checked my transmission and transfer case oils. I have some seal leaks, so they were a little low, so I filled them up. I was surprised to find the rear differential a little low on oil as I don’t see any leaks anywhere. I filled that one up too.

Mosquito netting for the van

Next I wanted to transfer my magnets to the new bigger mosquito netting I just received. I cut out some netting and took the magnets off the old netting. I used staples from a stapler to attach the magnets to the netting. I just made a fold in the edge and put staples in to hold it and the magnets together. I used six magnets I bought at Harbor Freight on this side door piece. I think it could use a couple more magnets, but what I have should work out ok.

Here’s the new bigger mosquito netting installed with magnets on the van’s side doors.vanneting


I also made nets for the vans front side windows so I can open them for air when I need to.

Loaf of bread

I made some dough and baked a loaf of bread and ate about a quarter of it. Yum. I’ve been experimenting with a home made yeast, no kneed method that is starting to show some promise.

Wild Blackberry vines taking over the yard

Of course all that eating deserved a nap. After the nap I went outside and mostly puttered around the yard, doing some watering and some pruning of brush. I worked on cutting some of the wild blackberry vines back that were taking over my paths. They put up quite a battle and tried to get me with their thorns. They did get me a little, but I won the battle until I got tired and quit. I know the blackberry’s will win the battle in the long run and someone else will have to battle them when I’m gone. :O)

Sitting around and doing some trip planning

And after that,  I just sat around in my chairs and enjoyed the evening giving some thought to my upcoming trip. I’m headed back to the high desert in Nevada again. This should be an interesting trip if I can pull it off.

That’s pretty much what I did today.

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