Dumping Sitemeter from My Blog and Puttering Around in the Yard

Saturday May 16, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Yard work day

Being a weekend and all, I decided to stay home and do some work in the yard.

Solving a blog problem

But when I got up this morning I had to work on my blog’s administration a bit. Seems Sitemeter was doing some unwelcome redirects to webpages of  their choosing. Of course I didn’t know Sitemeter was the cause of this without doing some research and getting some help from others.

I finally determined that Sitemeter seemed to be the cause and removed it from my site.

Installing StatCounter

I decided to follow Al, from the Bayfield Bunch and installed StatCounter and we’ll see how that works out. Al was having the same problem I was and it was on his page that I discovered the answer to the problem.

Now for the yard work

My back was still a bit sore today, so I didn’t want to do anything too vigorous, but I ended up moving some dirt and just puttering around. No matter what I worked on, my back just wouldn’t leave me alone, so I did a lot of sitting around too.

I had planned to mow some weeds, but the back said no to that. I was able to install some irrigation sprinklers  to a couple spots in the yard, so that will help with the watering in the future.

Birds don’t share

I did notice there weren’t as many birds in my yard today eating my almost ripe cherries and green blue berries. I think the birds must of found a better dining area in someone else’s yard. I hope they continue to leave my stuff alone. The problem with the birds is they don’t tend to share well. They just gobble everything up and don’t leave anything for me.  I’m willing to share, but the birds are not.

Other than that, it was a rather lazy day for me as I mostly sat around in the yard enjoying the day.

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