Eight Hours of Driving Get’s Me Home

Wednesday February 18, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I was up early for me this morning at my camp near Port Orford Oregon. My plan for the day was to head for home, about an eight hour drive. I was off at 9AM in some fog and mist which cleared up as I left the state of Oregon and entered California.

I stopped three or four times to eat and rest a bit on the way. Traffic was light. There were several places I had to stop where they were working on the road, but each stop was less than five minutes, so I moved right along.

The only picture I took was while waiting here for the dozer to stop pushing stuff down the hill, just to make sure none of it fell on any cars. They are rebuilding the slide so it doesn’t keep coming down.roadwork


I made it home just before 5PM to a sunny day. I found my two brothers working on the septic tank problem at our family rental. Lucky for me they had it all under control. It seems a root had grown into the septic tank outlet and was causing the water to back up into the tank. At least that’s what we hope will fix it once my brother fixes the pipe he broke to find the problem in the first place. I’ll leave that to him as I need to rest up from my trip.

I didn’t have much energy when I got home, but I did spend some time unloading some of the stuff from my van and now I’m beat and will hit the hay shortly.

My trip was a good one, although, with all the rain the river water levels were high and just starting to get good when I had to leave. I needed to get home for a Doc’s appointment soon.

I always enjoy my trips. Each one always shows me that my home is already in the best spot in the world already and just makes me appreciate what I have in the little town of Guerneville with the Russian River to paddle my boat on. It just can’t be beat.

Tomorrow I’ll be down at Jenner kayaking, checking out what’s going on since I left.

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