Ending My Fast, Mustard Seeds and Vinegar

Tuesday December 22, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Fast over

Today was the end of my ten day fast so I was a bit eager to eat something.

Yummy food

A big batch of fried potatoes with mushrooms and onions with six fried eggs on top should do it. That hit the spot. Nothing  like the taste of food after not eating for ten days. I need to put on some pounds now.

After eating my body just wanted to digest that food and I felt real tired so I napped for a good portion of the day on and off.

Making mustard

One of the things I wanted to do today was start a batch of home  made mustard. I had all the mustard seeds but not enough corn free vinegar. The plan is to soak the seed in the liquids overnight to soften them up for grinding. I only had a quarter cup of rice vinegar so what to do.

Here’s my jar of mustard seeds after I got more vinegar for it soaking away and swelling up. Tomorrow I will grind them up.mustard


Hunting up some vinegar

So I needed some corn free vinegar so I went over to my neighbor Dominique to see what she might have.

She had some home made apple vinegar, perfect.

That’s it on the left. I also got some canned tomatoes to go in a vegetable stew I’m making right after I write this on the right there.jars


Making vinegar

My loquats are getting ripe so I picked some and made two jars of that to start the process of vinegar. I need to make more home made vinegars. So I made another jar out of apples.

On the fast

On the ten day fast, did I think it helped. Well yes. After ten days I was quite a bit better, but I’d need to go longer to help even more. But I need to gain some pounds if I want to continue that, so I might have to try some kind of other fasting until I can gain some pounds or just work on gaining some pounds.

Anyway nice to be eating again. Yummy.

Nice day.

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