Enjoying the Reflections Paddling At Monte Rio On the Russian River

Tuesday November 23, 2021 Monte Rio CA.

Paddle at Monte Rio

I didn’t really have anything planned today and the sun was out nice, so.

I headed down to Monte Rio and put in my boat at the boat ramp and started down river. The wind was mostly not existent which always makes for a nice paddle.

And there was mostly no one else on the river. I only saw one guy on a paddle board all day.

Like a lake

It must have been high tide down at Jenner as most of the river was like a big lake as the high tide can back the river up in the Monte Rio area.

I paddled on by these ducks feeding along the river’s edge.ducks1


And made it down here at the Villa Grande Pool where I continued on down the river.villa2


These cormorants and ducks watched as I paddled on by.cors3


I was going to go down the river a couple of miles or so to the Cassini’s RV Park and then paddle back up the river.


Nice reflections as I paddled along.river4


Yes a real nice day.river6


I paddled over here and sat by this moss for a bit before continuing on down the river.moss7



These two male merganser ducks swim on by. They show up about this time of year getting ready for mating season. The females seem to be here all year long but the males seem to only show up during mating season.mers8



When I got down near Cassini’s I saw some turtles getting some sun while they could.turtles9


This was as far as I was going today, Cassini’s RV Park is across the river from this spot.cassinis10


Back up the river

After a good break sitting there in my boat on the water I started my paddle back up the river going by these two turtles.turtles11


I stopped in this area for a bit before continuing on up the river.river13


Great blue heron fishing

I spotted this great blue heron up ahead. As I approached closer I could see it was intent on something so I was able to get fairly close.heron


The heron made it’s move.fishing12


It got it’s fish and soon made it disappear.heronfish13


I got back to the boat ramp at Monte Rio around 4:30, loaded up and headed on home.boat14


It was just getting dark when I got home so that was it for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Thanks for taking us along again.
    Very relaxing & beautiful wildlife pictures.
    The heron shots were great!

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