Exploring An Old Trail In the Park and the Great Hamburger

Sunday August 27, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve

I set off for a hike in the park. I wanted to explore an old trail I once saw when I was a kid playing in this park. It’s an old trail that I’m sure is not used anymore as when I saw it as a kid it was already abandoned, likely because it was so steep.park2


Part water guy

I stopped at this house just inside the park as I knew the parks water guy lived there. He didn’t know it yet, but he needs some help with the springs in the parks in the area which I hope to provide. I’d talked with his boss about it a few weeks ago, so I stopped in to see him and will email  him some of my spring tapping videos on YouTube.house3


Heading up into the park to find that old trail.park4


This is one of the larger trees in the park. That big vine growing up the side of it is poison oak.tree5


This is the turn off to the Forest Theater where I’m headed to find that trail, just up ahead.bridge6


Forest theater

This is the forest theater where I used to play a lot as a kid. The old trail I want to check out is to the right of the stage, on up the hill.theater7


The old stage. The front was for the orchestra, although when I was a kid, they played on the stage as they were the main attraction.stage8


Looking back towards the seating for the crowds that showed up here in the olden days.seats9


Old trail

Whether I could see it or not, this was where the old trail went on up the hill, towards our place. I hopped over stuff and beat my way on up the hill slowly, as it goes mostly straight up the hill.firest10


I knew sorta where the trail was supposed to be, right through here. There used to be little redwood log steps that were pretty rotten when I saw them as a kid. I was hoping to find some, but didn’t really expect any to still be there and they weren’t.forest11


The trail continued on up through here, so up I went, slowly as it was steep and I was trying to be easy on my sore back, I  just wanted to loosen it up a bit.forest13


I went over this big log slowly as to not hurt my sore back. I was almost to the top where one of my trails is at.log13


I didn’t really find the trail, but I knew where it should be and it came out on my trail, just below here.trail14


Now that I was on a good trail I made good time, which was good as my back was getting a little more work than I had planned.

The trail came out on this road, so I followed it on down the hill to the valley floor.road15


Drink of water

I’d been thinking it would be nice when I got to this spring for a drink of nice water.drink16



And I stopped here to load my pockets up with apples, eating a couple of them as I continued on to home, not far now.apples17


The great hamburger

I haven’t had a real  hamburger for about 25 years. That was when this corn allergic thing happened.

So today, I added some flour to my sour dough starter and tonight I made two buns, one for a burger. I fried up some onions and  some bacon and a nice big burger.

It was so huge, I didn’t think I could eat it. I put it all on a plate and I’m in the process of eating it. I go up to the counter and take a big bite, one at a time. I’m working on it.

Yummy, yummy.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Exploring An Old Trail In the Park and the Great Hamburger

  1. Nancy K says:

    Well this is amazing. I have been to that forest theatre. We must have been camping up in that neck of the woods when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. We listened to an orchestra playing classical music. It’s a rather magical place.

    Your hamburger sounds DELICIOUS!!! You should try it again!

    • Bob says:

      Seems we might have met when we were both kids as I was the Cub Scout handing out programs as you walked into the theater in the park. I think they paid me a quarter for that. I’m sure you don’t remember that. :O) Small world sometimes.
      Safe Travels,
      Oh, and yes, I’ll be doing the hamburger again. Even though it was huge, I gobbled it up, one bite at a time. Homemade sour dough bun, cowboy type stuff, that’s the way they would of done it. Fried onions and bacon. Buns toasted in butter. The corn thing doesn’t let me do the condiments, but it didn’t need any. Yummy.

  2. Ken Solbakken says:

    Probably countless fond memories of growing up and playing with your brothers and cousins in the forest? Time that passed is the blink of the eye in the life of old Redwood tree. Happy trails!

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