Feed Boxes, Nesting Box, Electric Golf Cart Rear Bearings and Getting the Old Van Ready to Go

Friday June 28, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Some puttering around the yard today

Here’s one of the hens with her chicks as I took the lid off the feeder this  morning. They jumped right in and started feeding.feeding


Rodent proof feeder

The rodent proof feeder needed some work so I worked on it a bit moving it around a bit.feedbox


Pulley problem

The rope and the pulley that opens the lid is hanging up because the rope is too small for the pulley and the pulley isn’t a very good one. I intend to improve this with better pulleys soon once I get to a store.can


Because this rope is too small a diameter it’s riding up on the edge of the pulley and  hanging up a bit. I could install a larger diameter rope but I plan to get better pulleys first.pulley


Chicks doing well

Here’s Gertie with her chicks doing some feeding.gertie


And here’s Lil Red grazing in some cut grass. Lil Red is one of the oldest little chicks.lilred


Nesting box of the main pen

I think it would be nice to have a nesting box in the main pen so am constructing one and got this far so far. A nesting box for chicks needs to be low to the ground so the little guys can get in and out so that’s what I’m shooting for as all the other nests in the main pen are high off the ground for egg laying chickens, not chicks.box


Extended the trip board

I cut a small board for a paddle to extend the trip board a little to make it easier for a chicken to trip the lid and open the box mostly by accident but they are quick learners and will likely figure out if they want some food early in the day to step on that board.paddle


Wait for my coffee to go off

I was in the house brewing a cup of coffee when my brother Tom came to the door and wanted to know if I knew how to get the rear bearing off his electric golf cart. I said I’d have to look at it first to know, but I had to wait as my coffee was about to go off.

Where’s the slide hammer

So once it was brewed I left it and went over to look at his golf cart which he had apart. I could see what needed to be done but I couldn’t find my slide hammer tool when I looked for it.

So I went on YouTube to see if someone showed how to get it off. And yes they used a slide hammer and got it off in a different way.

I gave Tom my slide hammer tool once I finally found it and showed him the video and finally got back to my coffee which I warmed up a bit.

Cut grass for nesting mommas

After the coffee I went out to do what I was going to do which was to mow the weeds in the raspberry patch as I wanted some cut grass for the momma chickens with chicks for nesting.

Here’s Goldlie with her chicks in her nest. I just gave her new grass cuttings and put them around her in her nest so she could use them if she wants.peeps


I also spread some cut grass in the mulch pen and Goldie took her chicks out to feed in them for awhile.

Getting the van ready to go

The other thing I did today was to get my old van out of the car port and begin prepping it for a trip up to Fort Bragg and Boonville for a week or so to do some kayaking and camping. There’s not  much to do, mostly just make sure there’s enough food to eat and drink.

That pretty  much wrapped up my day for a good one.

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2 Responses to Feed Boxes, Nesting Box, Electric Golf Cart Rear Bearings and Getting the Old Van Ready to Go

  1. George Yates says:

    You are busy as always getting things done , and ready for another trip, Travel safe and enjoy the kayaking.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Loving those chickies. I’m sure they’ll like the grass in there. Goldie is so pretty.

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