Feeding the Chicken’s Only the Best

Wednesday February 15, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

First off, on the list, and the main reason I was going shopping today was to get something for the chickens to eat.

I had to drive about forty five minutes to the place where the store was and I took the scenic way down along the coastline.

Where is the place

But when I got near the place, I couldn’t find it or remember what it was called to find it on my phone. I ended up calling someone that knew what the place was called. I was only about a half block from the place and my phone lead me to it. It’s an old feed store. I backed my car in so the guy could load it up with feed.feedstore


Like everything the prices for feed were way up. I looked the other way and got what I needed.


A couple more stops on the way home and I was home again, and unloaded the car.sacks


I got my cart and hauled the feed to the feed shed. Eventually I mixed up some of the feed in the blue barrel. The yellow bag contains 40 pounds of black sunflower seeds at 55 bucks. I bought three of those as it adds a lot of protein which makes for larger and more eggs.

Other than that, I feed my chickens crimped oats an crimped barley and milo.feedroom


I don’t really think they need any of that as there’s plenty in the yard for them to eat.

They are hanging around the feed shed hoping to get something to eat.chickens


Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    We fed rolled oats … and they LOVED it. Yikes that’s a pretty steep price for feed. I didn’t know they ate sunflower seed.

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