Finding a Way to Hike Up the Canyon at Muskrat Nest Beach

Tuesday October 28, 2014 Jenner CA.

Ray was already in the water with his boat as I arrived at the Jenner boat ramp this morning around eleven AM. We decided to paddle on up the river to Muskrat Nest beach. There was a trail there that went up towards a little canyon with a creek in it that we wanted to check out to see if we could get into the canyon.

This trail has lots of poison oak along it and last time Ray and I poked into this trail about a mouth ago, the poison oak got to Ray a bit, so this time he had his long pants on, instead of his shorts.

I paddled across the river to Penny Island were I caught up with Ray and we made that decision to go up the canyon.

The way the sun was shining, it put a lot of little stars on the water as we paddled along up the river.waterstars


We saw some birds splashing up by Paddy’s rock so crossed over to the north side to check it out.

Some merganser ducks were fishing up ahead and making all the splashes.

Here’s some of the merganser ducks.mergansers


Just past the ducks, there were some cormorants sunning on Paddy’s rock.cormorants


And on the other side of Paddy’s rock, about three  hundred coots were feeding in the water. They tend to dive for dead vegetation that grows under the water in the river. We are headed over to the shoreline, behind the coots, called Muskrat Nest Beach.coots


Because the river’s mouth is closed, the water was high and we almost couldn’t land at the Muskrat Nest beach area.

Here is Ray, trying to find a place to get out of his boat and go ashore, which he did.muskrat


I found a place right close to him and pulled in right in front of this muskrat nest.muskratnest


We both made it to shore and started up this trail through the ferns, headed for the little canyon up the hill.ferns


This was our view of the river as we headed on up the trail through the poison oak.jenner


At this point, we are just entering the little canyon on the hillside. There are some big fir trees in the canyon, which is nice as the brush isn’t so thick under them.breakarea


We went under that big tree and into the little creek with a lot of ferns in it, to cross over to the other side of the canyon, as the side we had been on was not passible, at least we didn’t find a way through today.

Here is Ray as we crossed the creek going through a lot of big ferns.ferntrail


We came up the other side of the creek under this big fir tree. The trail went into the canyon and was real nice and scenic, but we didn’t find a way into the upper canyon, yet.trail


One of our views of the river, looking up to the highway one bridge. That’s buzzard rock there, but not the one that had the vulture nest in it.russianriver


After poking around on several side spurs of the trail, we were a bit pooped out, so we sat under this tree for a break. It was a real good break spot, we stopped under it three times on this trip. It’s one of those places you can sit all day, nice and peaceful.sittingferns


We decided we’d have to come back and look some more at another time and headed down the hill for the day.

On the way, we passed scratching on the little tree by a bobcat. Ray is checking it out.catscratch


We made it back to our boats, which we plopped into. Once in the boats, it’s real restful, compared to hiking on up the hill.

We headed on back going down the south side of the river.paddling


There were a bunch of cormorants sitting on the logs at Swamp Rock Trailhead. We passed on by the cormorants and headed on in for the day.cormorants2

The wind was picking up now a  bit, as we started to cross over to the boat  ramp, which  just meant we got a bit more exercise.

How come my car’s heater fan doesn’t work

When I got home, I brewed a strong cup of coffee and then went out to work on my car. I needed to find out why my heater fan wasn’t working. I tested this and I tested that. I pulled part of the car’s dash out to check out the fan switch which was ok.

I looked at the electrical diagram in the book and determined that the heater blower relay must not be working, but where was it located. The book didn’t say?

I looked at the cars electrical diagram some more and looked for the color of the wires going to the relay and then went out and started looking for those colored wires in the car to find the relay. I finally found the relay after a bit under the hood.

I took the relay off and checked it out with my meter and found it bad. I then cut the relay open to see if I could fix it somehow? I saw where the tiny wires for the relay had melted down where the wires couldn’t be put back together easily, so I have to get a new relay.

I’ll try and get a relay tomorrow, as it looks like it is in stock at our local auto store, about twelve dollars.

While sitting under the big tree up on the hill, Ray and I decided this was better than any National park as far as the scenery and there weren’t any other people to spoil the day either, or any rangers telling us what to do either. Wonderland. :O)

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