Can’t Play Every Day

Wednesday October 29,2014 Guerneville CA.

Some days one just has to take care of business. So, off to the dentist this morning for a cleaning.

Things went well at the dentist as they didn’t find anything new to work on.

After that, I went on over to Santa Rosa and did some shopping at Cash and Carry. I wanted to get a big bag of semolina flour which I knew they carried. Of course I had to buy a big bag of it, fifty pounds. It’ll take me a while to use that all up. I’ll make noodles and tortillas and bread out of it, as well as all the other stuff I make out of flour. I found a few other items which I hope are corn free and then headed on over to Marty’s and Patti’s.

I was going to do some more shopping, but shopping isn’t my bag, so that’s all I could handle.

Marty’s older computer got the Homeland virus, so I took it home to try to get it out of the system which  I’m working on now and starting to make some progress. Turns out there are some other viruses on the computer too. I was able to download a malware program in safe mode that is running now. It’s just getting started and already has twelve items of malware.

I like to try to manually get these kinds of things out of the system mostly to learn more about how they work to infect a system.

If all else fails, I will reload the operating system from scratch. Right now, that’s looking like what I might have to do. I might do that anyway after I’ve played with the computer, just to get a clean start on the computer.

That’s it for another day.

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