Finished Off the New Shed Today

Thursday March 20, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Shed Work

I only had a little more to do on the shed. I needed to put on the trim. The trim hides things that aren’t perfectly square and measurements that are off a wee bit and just overall makes things look better. I have trim for the back corners and the roof sides.

I got my tools out and cut the first corner to size.trim1


The corner trim has been screwed on and the roof trim is on the roof.shedside3


I got the trim on this side too. Note the cherry tree is just starting to bloom.cherrytree4


The shed is now ready to go for now. I will get a light and a plug in there soon as there is an outside plug close by that I can get power from.shed5


After getting that done and putting most of the tools away, I did some chair hopping enjoying the day.

Bridge work

Eventually I did some measuring on the old bridge that needs some work on the bulkhead and pretty much just studied the situation to figure out just how I was going to repair the damage. I have some ideas and need to get some more materials to fix it.


Well, this is our sunset today. Not very exciting, but then again, a nice sunny day is hard to beat. :O)sky


Nice day.

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3 Responses to Finished Off the New Shed Today

  1. Judith says:

    Yours is such a peaceful blog. I like that. You get a lot of stuff done with no fanfare. Nice to see the shed going up and looking good. Glad you enjoy. And even a sunset in a clear sky is a good thing to see. Don’t need cloud drama necessarily.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Such a great addition to your yard … and I love the green!! It will be a nice place to chair hop when it’s raining.

  3. A James says:

    Great looking addition in a nice setting ; you haven’t mentioned what the shed is intended for?— perhaps the 4 runners? Envious of your weather so green.All the best.

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