First Blueberries and Checking Our Water Springs

Friday May 8, 2020 Guerneville CA.

I was dragging my butt this morning when I got it going so I went out for some chair hopping around the yard.

First blueberries are ripe

While I was sitting in one spot I seemed to remember I ate one ripe blueberry yesterday and since I was sitting by the blueberry patch I went on in to see if any more berries where ripe yet.

Here’s my blueberry patch all fenced in to keep the birds and the chickens and critters out of them.patch


Some of my bushes are just loaded with blueberries but these aren’t ripe yet.berries


But I did find a half dozen or so ripe ones on this little bush.blueberries


I find blueberries hard to get pictures of as they disappear so fast. Yummy. There will be more soon.

I did work on the cars brake light problem and found some wire and ran it but never got around to hooking up the ends as I wasn’t in the mood.

Water supply

My brother has been using a lot of water to start all his vegetables this year and it takes a lot of it to get them going and make them tender so I have to watch our water supply as it also feeds five houses.

Dirt bike ride

I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up to the tanks to check the gauge on the side of the tank. See the pink ribbon there at half full.tanks


I put the pink ribbon on it so I can see it from a distance from the road going up into the hills across the creek.marker


Just before I hopped on the dirt bike my brother came by and we went over and turned one of the wells into one of his gardens so that will help but he’s still using a good deal of the water. The well water is just the spring water after it’s come down out of the hills.

Checking on springs and a ride

As long as I was on the dirt bike I rode up into the hills to check on some springs that feed the water tanks to see how things where doing as far as water as it does slow down as the summer progresses.

I stopped here to see how the springs were doing. Some of the springs in this spot taste not so good so I don’t use them but the ones I do use where doing


I rode on up the hill on this road, lickety split. The dirt bike moves along pretty fast.road1


And down this ridge at the top.road2


Old Indian spring

And then headed down the hill and stopped at this spot we call the Indian spring as they used to use it a long time ago when they were harvesting tan oak nuts. The used the water to grind the nuts up and soak them to get the bitters out of them for eating. I looked around a bit and then took off down the hill.springspot


I stopped at this one to see how it was doing. It’s a small spring but it’s water and lots of small springs add up in 24 hours.spring2


I pulled off the pipes checked the water flow.water


After that I went down this road.road3


Coming in over our water tanks.tanks2


Brother’s chickens

And of course I stopped at my brother’s garden to see how the strawberries were doing. I went past his chickens. He raises them for the eggs which he sells at the farmer’s markets. They do get all of his garden scraps.chickens


Armstrong Valley Farm

I walked through his garden. I think he has potatoes planted under the black stuff and onions and garlic and strawberries in the back, among other


Strawberry patch

He’d just picked the patch of the weekend markets but I was able to find some tasty ones to eat which I did. Yummmmmmm.berries2


Taking it easy

I headed for home after that and still didn’t feel like doing much today so a nap was in order.

The rest of the day was chair hopping and napping and just taking it easy.

Nice day.

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One Response to First Blueberries and Checking Our Water Springs

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m envious of your weather. We should be experiencing some warming but I believe Ontario has forgotten how to produce heat!! LOL
    Your brother’s gardens and chickens are doing well!
    You sure have a lot of blueberries on those bushes, lots of pies!
    Thank you for the info on my blog about the robins. When the snow goes away again, I’ll check it out.

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