Fisch Bro. Drilling, Dr. Scheiner Dentist and Beaver In California

Tuesday January 3, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Raining cats and dogs all day and night

It’s been raining cats and dogs here today and the power went out about an hour ago. I was sitting here doing nothing and remembered I have a laptop I use when I travel. So  by oil lamp, I compose todays blog. The rain has slowed some, but I can hear the winds in the  big trees getting blown around pretty violently. I can imagine them swaying back and forth and little parts of the trees breaking off and becoming forest mulch.

Today was dentist day

I had an appointment to get four crowns installed just after noon, so that was my primary goal for the day.

Fisch Bro. Drilling visit

Since I was headed to Forestville where my excellent dentist is, I went over to visit with Ed of Fisch Bro. Drilling. I wanted to pay him and find out what he thought about the 300 foot well or test hole we drilled and in general, just shoot the bull with him for  a bit. We’re about the same age, so we have a lot in common being from the same area.

I found Ed and his secretary in the  office. His secretary was just leaving for lunch and was worried I needed to talk with her about paying the bill. I told her to get going  as Ed and I could take care of it.

Ed and I talk about the beaver poor state in California

So Ed and I talked about drilling wells and I brought up the beaver thing and we talked about that, since he is a well driller and can understand the importance of holding water back in our streams to replenish water in the water tables and how holding water back gives wild life a chance to live and fish to become smart enough to survive in the river and the ocean.

It all just makes sense

Ed’s an easy sell on this stuff as it all just makes perfect sense. If California wanted to get more water and restore the fish habitat, they’d import thousands of beaver, the sooner the better and restock all the upper spawning streams. I think the Russian River would be a good place to start if one needs a place to start as it’s been studied by lots of biologists and is well documented. However, the best practice would be to plant them everywhere in northern CA. where there are spawning streams.

Biologists and the beaver

What get’s me the most about the biologists and the beaver is this.  By law, they are supposed to reestablish the Coho salmon’s natural habitat and they ignore one of the most important things, the beaver. Everything starts with water and that’s what the  beaver is good at. They can go on anyone’s land and build water hold back dams and they work twenty four seven all year long. What better solution than that?

I’ll add that some would say the beaver is a pest and it can be, but, the pest part is small compared to what it can do for the land.

Power’s back on

The power just came back on and things are brighter.

And now it went off twice, which means there is more trouble likely, on again, we’ll see.

Anyway, Ed and I had a good talk and I needed to head on to my dentist in Forestville, close by.

My Forestville dentist Dr. Scheiner

I arrived almost on time, so it wasn’t long before I was sitting in the chair. They installed four crowns in about a half hour. The crowns didn’t need any adjustments so I was good to go.

My dentist is an excellent dentist, one of the best. She thinks about what she does and doesn’t just do whatever is routine if that is not needed. She’s really good at adjusting teeth so they work together as they should. I give her A+++ for that.

Dr. Karol H. Scheiner, DDS Forestville, CA., a real good dentist.

Anyway, I left there and headed for home. I needed to go to the bank so I stopped at Safeway on the way to the bank and shopped for some stuff to eat. It’s pretty pathetic what I bought to avoid corn stuff. I did spurge on a Drewer’s chocolate ice cream as it’s one of he few that isn’t corned.  It was still raining cats and dogs as I headed through the parking lot to my car.

To the local bank

Next, the bank to cash some checks. Everything went well at the bank and I headed on home a couple miles in the rain.

Keeping the bad guys out of my blog site, Wordfence

Once home I checked my blog to make sure the hackers hadn’t gotten back in. Their purpose is to get in and use my account to distribute emails and files that might be illegal such as movies or software. They like to use other people’s sites to mail out thousands of spam emails hoping to make some money for steering people to a site such as a drug site, legal o illegal.

Filezilla and Wordfence

Anyway I seem to have them all out of my site. I installed the free Wordfence plugin for WordPress. Using Filezella to upload fresh WordPress files to my site and Wordfence’s firewall I seem to have things blocked for now. One feature Wordfence has is a real time visitor viewer which shows everything that really comes to your site which you won’t see in other site viewers as they mostly only show people. This software shows you who is trying to login. Anyway, I highly recommend this software to protect your site if you are using WordPress for your site. I am using the free plugin for WordPress with their firewall turned on also and so far, it seems to be protecting my site.

Messing with this stuff is a lot of work, but the payoff is, once you’ve done a couple of cleanups, a lot is learned and it becomes easier the next time.

It’s still raining nicely. Always good to get more rain, if only there were some beaver in our water system to keep all the water from going back to the ocean so soon.

That was my day.

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