Float Ball, Marty Visits, Some Strawberries and I Do a Little Work on My Van

Sunday September 4, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Started out working on the float ball

I started the day off finishing up the float ball I was fixing up yesterday for our water tanks. It tells us how high or low the  water is in our tanks that are fed by springs. All I had to do was finish up the top part that will attach to our new cable. I made a plastic washer for it and bent the stainless steel wire to form an eye so I can attach it to the cable with ties so as not to make an electrical contact so the brass weight I put under the six inch ball won’t corrode into the tank

It looks like this now.float


Marty’s coming by for a visit

Marty was coming by and I thought we could ride up the hill in his jeep to install it, but he showed up in his old van that is similar to mine, but is a 1968, so I sidelined that project for now.

His old van

This is his 1668 van. We put four wheel drive on this one a few years before I put it on my 1967 van. Marty has a big RV now which pulls his jeep so his van hasn’t been getting a lot of attention, but he has plans for it and has been watching my improvements and says he’ll be doing some mechanicing on it next year.van


The new front springs are working out great

He is especially interested in the new front springs as his has the same problem mine had as the original springs seem to be just a little too long and bang into the back at the body where they are mounted.

We sat around for about an hour or so and I showed him what I did to my van and gave him the parts from my old six cylinder engine as I won’t need them anymore and they will fit his engine. Some of the parts are for a TBI system, so that might encourage him to do the TBI on his van.

Walking around looking for things to eat

We took a walk around my yard looking for things to eat. We got a few grapes as that was all that were left as the birds and raccoons and who knows what has been working them over as well as me. We got a couple big red raspberries from the new raspberry patch. They really haven’t started producing much yet. Then we went over to the peach tree and had a peach.

Headed to the strawberry patch

Another bull session and then we walked over to my brothers garden to help him get rid of some strawberries.

Here’s Marty  hunting around for a strawberry to eat.  There were lots of them and we had our fill.marty


The garden was looking good.garden


We  headed on back to my house were we shot the bull for awhile before he departed for home with some of my old parts.

Nap time

I needed a nap after that so that’s what I did. I didn’t sleep well last time fighting off corn itches so I was dragging a bit today.

Got the bed back in the van

Eventually, I went out and did a couple things to the van. I installed the bed and of course, climbed on for a nap. I always feel like I’m out camping someplace when I use the van bed and it’s fairly comfortable too.

After that, I mostly studied what else I need to do to the van tomorrow and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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