Forest Work and Barry Shows Up for a Dirt Bike Ride

Tuesday January 31, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Trail work day

I got an early start on the trail work today and got up there around noon and started working away.

I started here today, widening out the trail in this spot.trail1


Barry shows up

I’d been working up there on the trail for about an hour when I heard a dirt bike come up the road so I walked out the trail to see who it was.

Barry came by for a dirt bike ride.barry2


Walk up the trail

As long as he was here, we walked up the trail, to the ridge top, where it went, to have a look around.walk3


Dirt bike ride

Then we walked back down to where the dirt bikes were and I joined him for a dirt bike ride around the properties.ride4


We rode around some and then went over to my cousin’s place where we ran into some foresters cruising her forest and counting the big trees. We shot the bull with one of those guys for a bit, then headed up to the top of the ridge for a break with  this view.view5


The sun was out nicely with a few clouds in the sky.sun6


From there we took off again riding around and around the roads and trails.

Back to the trail work

Eventually Barry headed for home and I went back up to work on the trail some more as I wanted to get this part finished which I did and headed on home around 5:30.trail8


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Were the foresters just taking a census of some kind? or are there other things at work here. Glad you had a good day in the woods.

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