Four Wheeling Battle Creek Rd. In Our Old Chevy Vans

Friday October 14, 2022 Battle Creek Rd. ID.

Battling Battle Creek Rd.

We woke here this morning by the old stone cabin. It got close to freezing last night but we  have heaters to help get it going in the morning.camp1


We were sitting there getting it going when we heard a rig coming down the road. This guy and his wife were out deer hunting and they were from around here.

Local people

We chatted for quite some time. He told us what to watch out for and the easier way to go, but talking without a map, things get confusing so we went all the ways he advised against. And when we did we understood what he was trying to tell us, but too late. That’s exploring.guys2


We got on the road around 11 and the road wasn’t too bad. We just came down this one. The cows are heading to get some water.cattle3


Some of the road was good

This was a nice part of the road as far as driving it, not too bumpy and we made fairly good time on it.road4


The road got rougher the further down it we went.road5


Portagese gates

We let ourselves through several of these wire gates. I’d open them and Marty would close them.wiregatr6


Crawling along

Eventually the road started to get real rocky so our speed was reduced to a crawl.road7


We’d get a break from the rocks for short distances.vans8


And then the rocks would return and we poked along at idle speed.road9


And the road got even rougher, crash bang.road10


We went by several old homesteads that used to be ranches in years gone by.ranch11


Big time crash banging

And then the road got even rougher. Lots of crash bang on this one and it went like this for quite a ways. I was happy we weren’t going up this one. And hoping we can make it through on this road and wouldn’t have to come back and get up through this stuff.rocky12


We were fortunate we didn’t break anything on that last one. And yes, we were questioning our sanity.

We crossed Battle creek a couple of times. This area is where Battle creek starts. The road started to improve a bit and our speed picked up considerably.road13


Good road

And finally we came to a good road going our way. The day was late, so we started looking for a camp spot.road14


Finding camp

We didn’t’ have to go far until we spotted a side small side road where we drove up it a quarter mile and found this camp for the night.

Today’s camp at sunset.camp15


We were beat and happy to be in camp. We didn’t make a lot of miles today, maybe 25, but we did see a lot of open country and had a good day of exploring.

We will continue tomorrow, hoping the roads improve a bit.

Nice day.

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