Gathering Metal and Trying To Move Two Big Stumps Off a Slide

Monday July 1, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Gathering metal

I got my wheelbarrow out to haul some metal. I looked around and found most of what I will need to construct a metal rack for all my metal.metal

I think I have most of what I will need. And I can now start the process of cutting things up and welding things together for the project, but not today.steel

Putting Skiddy to work

I was looking for something to do today that wouldn’t tax my body too much as it needs a rest.

And I was feeling like taking a ride with Skiddy to do a few things up in the hills. I mainly wanted to go by a slide on my neighbor’s place to see if I could move some big tree stumps off the slide so I can remove the slide eventually.

And this is the second day I forgot to take my camera with me.

As long as I’m traveling around the forest, I try to pick up and move rocks around where I need them of the size I need for the job. I moved a couple different loads as I headed for my neighbor’s place and also repaired a couple of small things on some roads as I went.

Big slide

The big slide happened last winter during a big rain storm. The guys had cut the trees enough to clear the road, but the big stumps were still stuck in the slide overhanging the road.

Huffed and puffed

Try as I might I could not move the two big stumps as they were stuck in the dried up dirt. and were just to big and heavy for Skiddy to move.

I may have to bring my bulldozer over to move them at some later time.

Sometimes not getting something done is getting something done, as I had to try to move the stumps to find out I couldn’t move them, which is part of the process of moving the stumps.

Headed for home

I gave that up and went back to hauling some more rock around as I worked my way home.

The day was a rather warm one, so when I made it home I went in for a nap and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Gathering Metal and Trying To Move Two Big Stumps Off a Slide

  1. KennyD says:

    We are trying to get all of our outside work for the day done befoere 11 AM. Getting to hot for us old folks to be out scuffling after that. Stumps can be a challenge, that is for sure. We watch a you tube called letsdig18. He removes a lot of stumps with his excavator, and sometimes they take a lot of work. He recently got a new Volvo 350, and so far, it has removed every stump with ease. Fun to watch, and that thing is a Beast.

    • Bob says:

      Nice thing about an excavator is that one can dig the stumps out. Most of my stumps are on the side of a hill which makes getting to them a bit more difficult. I try to leave big stumps and trese alone and go around them when I can which maybe is what I should just do with these.
      A big excavator would be nice to have, but I just don’t really have a lot of uses for it. I’m fortunate to have what I have considering the cost of these things and I don’t make any money using them. Just big toys. :O)

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