More Pipeline Trail Work and a New Design For My Metal Rack

Sunday June 30, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

My plan today was to go up and see why one of the springs isn’t flowing down the pipe very well. I didn’t expect to have to work hard, but.

After checking out the pipe,I found it was sagging badly in multiple places. Which meant I’d have to take the sags out and that meant I’d have to dig a pipeline trail to repair the problem.

This section of pipe was installed a long time ago and no pipeline trail was dug for it. It was just laid on the ground and in time, things get pushed down the hill and sag, then the water won’t flow properly.

I spent about four  hours digging the pipeline trail for that pipe and got the water flowing much better to the tank. That was much more work than I’d expected to do today. Oh well.

Going for a ride

I was pretty beat after that so I decided to just go for a ride around the property, mostly.

I rode around stopping here and there, mostly just enjoying the forest.


Eventually, I made it over to the rock slide area and loaded a few buckets of rocks for the water crossing I’ve been putting rock in the last couple of days.

Three buckets was pretty easy to load, then I drove over to the crossing and installed the rocks in it.

Headed home

Since I was pretty beat by now, I headed on home for a nap.

Bad design

A little later, Tom came by and asked if I wanted to know how to build a metal rack properly and not use up all my good metal I  just purchased.

He explained how they did it where he used to work. I threw my original plans out and will do it the way he showed me using some scrap  metal we have laying around.

Chair hopping

Since I’d worked hard today, I was tired out so took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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