Getting Supplies and Working on the Old Bridge Bulkhead

Saturday October 14, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Off to get some supplies

I needed some lag bolts to do some repairs on an old bridge. My brother Tom told me about a store called Tractor Supply which I didn’t know we had down in this area. I had been in one of their stores in Idaho last summer and knew the store had a lot of hardware of the type I could use occasionally.

They were also supposed to have the dozer transmission fluid I needed for the dozer’s transmission that was low.

Tractor Supply had what I needed

I had to drive about a half hour to get to the store. They had the lag bolts and the transmission oil which I picked up and than went on back home.

Getting things together

After a rest I started getting the tools and supplies together that I would need to work on the bridges bulkhead.

Here’s the work area.workspot1


Building a bulkhead from fence posts

I got the metal fence posts  from our neighbor. I drilled some holes in some of the posts so I could use the lag bolts to fasten the fence posts to the old wood.

Down in the creek

Here’s the work area down below in the creek. The old bulkhead rotted away and was washed out by the winter rains when the creek got a lot of water in it.work2


Fence post wall

I built this wall out of the fence posts. I wired it together and bolted it to the old wood.bridge3


Here’s looking down at it from the top of the bridge.work4


I still have another day working on it, before we are ready to backfill it with rocks and old cement.

Worn out after all that work

Needless to say, I was beat after that and quit any more work for the day about four PM.

UPS brings my radiator cooler

While I was sitting in the yard  chair hopping the UPS guy came by and delivered  a cooling system I will add onto my van’s radiator to help keep the engine cool as the van’s new V8 can use just a little bit more cooling when going up long hills on a hot day. This is actually a transmission oil cooler but I’m going to use it to help cool my radiator fluid.

I’m been waiting for this for about a week. It was delayed because of the recent fires in the Santa Rosa area.cooler


Figuring out how to mount it

I got the new part out of the box and sat around studying where and how to mount it on the van. I have some ideas, but a bit more studying is in order before starting this job.

After all that work, I expect to have some sore muscles tonight.

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