Great Camp Spot and Lightning Puts On a Great Show

Thursday June 8, 2023 Plumas National Forest CA.

Nice camp

That’s what we decided this morning, so we decided to stay another day here to enjoy it. It’s the type of camp we’ve been looking for exploring this creek’s access points.


Marty tried his hand at fishing again but again, no luck.fishing1



I walked up the creek along it’s edges to do some exploring.creek2


It’s really a beautiful creek, very lush.creek3


There’s lots of beaver holes and stuff along it’s banks.creek4


There’s also lots of big boulders laying on the ground in this area. I went this way on the way back to camp.trail5



We sat around and noticed the thunder clouds were forming early today, around noon and we were wondering what that would bring.

Around three PM we found out, the thunder started high up in the clouds and it started to rain lightly, at first. Then the lightning picked up and the so did the rain, sometimes turning to hail.

We were sitting in our cozy vans enjoying the thunder and lightning strikes which at first were far away, then the lightning started getting closer.


Boom, bang, we got a few hits real close that shock the vans. A few of them hit so close and so fast, it felt like you jumped out of your skin, at least that was the feeling. It lasted for about two hours before the rains let up and the sky quieted down so we could get out of our vans.

Our camp was petty wet. That was one impressive storm.vans6


Sitting around

Once the rain drops stopped we sat around outside in our chairs discussing the storm and shooting the bull.

No better luck

Marty got his shovel and tried to find some worms or bugs for fishing, but his  luck at that was no good either, just like the fishing.worms7


Great camp spot

We like this camp a lot.camp9


Trail cams

Marty sets up his trail camp  over the creek.cam10


I walked up the trail along the creek to set up my trail cam.trail12


I put my trail cam here along the creek. I think there is a beaver lodge under those big rocks as I heard them under there twice.cam11


An evening photo looking down the creek from our camp.evening8


And the sun going down across the meadow to our west.sunset13


Nice day.

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