Headed to the Top of the Hill to Test Out the Van’s Four Wheel Drive and Camp for the Night

Saturday September 10, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Cleaning up and loading up

Today my plan was to get the van loaded for camping and clean up some of my mess from working on the van.

I spent most of my day loading the van and cleaning up the carport. I put things in piles that go in different places and still have to work on getting some of the piles under control, but I got it good enough to get my car back in there.

I wanted to get the van loaded for camping as I planned to head up the hill on the family property to test my four wheel drive with the new v8 engine. My plan was to go to the top of the hill which is about two miles up to the highest point on the property where there is a spot that overlooks the town of Guerneville. I got going around five PM, bringing something for dinner.

Installed the float ball

I stopped at the water tanks to install the new float ball and weight. I did install them, but the ball needs more weight as it’s not heavy enough to pull the float down now that we are using a new steel cable. tankfloat


So I put it in four wheel drive and headed up the hill watching my temperature gauge to check how the temperature was going to be. The temperature slowly climbed to 220 when I got to the top, which wasn’t too bad for this rig.

High Point Lookout Camp

Here I am at the top at High Point Lookout Camp, parked with my side doors looking out over the town of Guerneville, down below.vancamp


Here’s my view out the side doors looking down at the town of Guerneville.vanvieiw



Here’s a little closer look at Guerneville, with the fog sneaking up the river.guerneville


Trimmed some brush

Here’s another view of where I am parked for the night. The sun is just going down. I did some brush trimming as things where a bit over grown.van


Ridge top walk

I went for a little walk around the ridge top through this area just before dark.forest


See and hear the town

I cooked my dinner as I watched it get dark on Guerneville. I could see the lights and hear the sounds of the town from up here. It sounded like there where a lot of people down there having a good time from all the roaring I could hear. Music too. And the occasional dogs barking.lights


Getting foggy too

I watched as it got darker and the fog tried to move in more.night


The town finally quieted down and is now very peaceful for the night.

My spot

Here’s my spot in the van where I’m typing this blog. Nothing fancy but it works for me. I sit in a wheeled office chair as I can’t stand up in this van, but with the wheeled chair, I can move all around so it’s quite comfortable.computer


It after ten PM now and the fog has moved in around me. It’s real quiet and peaceful up here on the ridge top in the dense fog.

Van’s working great

That’s pretty much my day. I guess I should say the van did just fine in four wheel drive coming up the hill with the V8 engine. Much better than the old inline six cylinder engine.

The engine heat was acceptable, but I will install an electric fan too. Another purpose of the electric fan is I can turn it on in the night when I hear critters under the van. I think the noise puts a real fear in them as it’s quite loud under there.

Tried to get internet up here

Oh, I tried to get a Wi-Fi signal up here for the internet. I thought I might be high enough to pick something up from Guerneville. I did pick quite a few signals up, but none of the open ones had a good enough signal for me to connect.

Nice day and nice camp.

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