Heavy Rains and I Planted Some Potatoes

Friday April 6, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Heavy rains predicted

It rained last night and most of the day. Late in the afternoon it turned to a light drizzle for a bit.raining


Planting potatoes

So I decided to plant the potatoes my brother Tom gave me the other day.

I got the stuff I needed to do the planting. The ground was mulched with compost and soft so all I had to do is use my gloved hands to dig and plant the potatoes. I had two boxes of potatoes. I planted the best ones along here and the rest on the end in the back.potatoes


Planting all those potatoes pretty much wore me out, especially  my back, but I got her done.

Creeks muddied up

I checked out the creek that goes by  my house. With all the rain I thought it would be higher.creek


Rain gauge

I checked my bucket rain gauge and it had about four inches of rain in it so far from last night and today. The weather guys said the heaviest rain is yet to come. We must be in the eye as it’s not raining right now.

Not good at house cleaning

I also tried to do a little house cleaning, but didn’t get too far with that. If it rains tomorrow maybe I can get some of that done and maybe not?

That was my day.

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