Helping Charlie and My Aunt’s Birthday Party

Sunday April 9, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Charlie’s electrical problem

It was drizzling when I got it going this morning so I just hung around the house until Charlie from Monte Rio called. He asked me to come by for a visit and help him figure out how come his trailer power wasn’t getting to the trailer. I checked around and found his circuit breaker needed to be reset. I tried to reset it and it just kept tripping so I did some more measuring at the trailer and determined his electrical line to the trailer was shorted out and he needed to pull it up and check it out. It was just a wire he had laid on the ground a few years ago.

He didn’t believe me at first, but I finally convinced him to start pulling up the line and look for a shorted out wire. He found it, under a tree, all burned and shorted out. I had him repair it. I threw the breaker and it didn’t trip, so we went up to his trailer and sure enough, the light came on now.

I left it to him to put all the electrical boxes back together and went on home for a nap.

This job didn’t happen

I was planning to install my brother Tom’s well pump, but the drizzle and cool day just didn’t make me want to start that project.

It keep drizzling all afternoon so I mostly napped trying to catch up on my sleep.

Birthday party

At six PM I went over to my brother Barry’s house were we celebrated my Aunt’s birthday, ninety something.

She’s the one on the left in the maroon. The lady in white with stripes,  to her right is her old friend since high school.IMGP0023


I was home around ten PM and that was my day.

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