I Join John and Ray For a Paddle and a Hike to Indian Rock and We Check Out Some Huge Nests

Tuesday June 18, 2019 Jenner CA.

Nice day for a paddle

I met Ray and his brother John down at the Jenner boat ramp this  morning. They were there as I arrived and already  had their boat in the water. So I found them shooting the bull at the end of the boat ramp.

I unloaded my boat and parked the car and  joined them as we put our boats in the water.

Headed to the mouth area

We headed on down towards the river’s mouth taking our time.river


We paddled on by these mallard ducks feeding in the shallow water at the end of Penny Island.ducks


Sitting in the mouth area

We pulled into the mouth area and sat for a good while watching what was going on in the area.yaks


The high tide was coming in bringing this foam with it. There’s a bunch of harbor seals resting on the sand. Here’s just a few of them.seal


Waves were breaking over the sandy beach

A big wave broke over the sand and gave the seals a good wash dumping some of them in the river water.sealfoam


Here’s another big bunch of them with the waves washing them.seal2


Headed up the river

We stayed down by the mouth for quite some time but eventually started back up the river going by this brown pelican near the lower end of Penny Island.pelican


Too early for ripe berries here

We paddled on up the island’s back channel and I told the guys I wanted to stop up there just up ahead in the green grass to look for ripe blackberries so we pulled in here and looked for berries to eat.berries


It was a little too early for them in this area, but we did get a few before continuing on up the river.

Indian Rock Trailhead

We pulled into shore in this spot at the Indian Rock Trailhead and tied our boats up getting ready for a hike up the hill.landing


Here’s Ray on the trail up the hill. Some of the trail is rather steep.ray


The rock

There’s the rock we are hiking to. It’s called the Old Indian women’s face, you can see her mouth open there as she’s looking up into the sky.rock


John and Ray were coming up behind me, almost to the rock.boys


Here they are walking up onto the rock.rock2


Views from the rock

There were some flowers growing on the rock. That’s Paddy’s rock down there.flowers


The up river view.rockview


Here’s John shooting the bull and no that wasn’t a fish but I don’t remember what it was.john


Different route back down

We spent some time resting and shooting the bull on the rock before starting back down the hill going a different route back.

We are going to go through those trees down the trail you see here. Lots of poison oak in this area.trail


Checking out the huge nests

There were some  huge stick piles in some of the trees I wanted to check out so John climbed up to have a look. He said there was bird nest depressions in the top of the nests. My guess is owls use them as I’ve seen some owls in the area, but I’m not really sure what is using these nests. They are very old and the sticks look like they’ve been there a very long time.

We continued on down the hill through these big ferns.trail2


Back to the boat ramp

Our boats were still tied up down at the river so we hopped in and slowly worked our way back to the Jenner boat ramp and pulled out and went on home for the day.

All that tired me out enough to wear me out so that was pretty much it for me today.

Nice day on the water and a nice hike too.

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3 Responses to I Join John and Ray For a Paddle and a Hike to Indian Rock and We Check Out Some Huge Nests

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Love the way the harbor seals sit on the rocks and the waves wash over them. I’ll bet the little ones enjoy being swept down to the river, like a carnival ride.
    That rock is impressive, it sure looks like and Indian lady’s face. I like sky watcher as well, makes sense too.
    Nice day for a yak. Your yaks make me wish we had a better spot to use our kayaks but it just isn’t in the cards for us. Bill is too busy anyway. :S

  2. Meg says:

    I read that the native Americans that lived at the mouth of the Russian river years ago called that big rock “sky watcher”. That’s kind of poetic.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Meg,
      Yes, I’ve heard it called sky watcher too. I got the old women thing from an Indian lady down at Jenner. At any rate it is one of the most significant rocks in that area.

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