I Took the Less Stressful Long Way Home Which Was Mostly Nice And Did Some Yard Work Today

Sunday and Monday April 1, 2, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Rolling down the highway headed home

I was at the Stillwater Wildlife Refuge when I got it going this morning. I got on the road home early around 8.801


Traffic was good on I 80 until I got to Reno when I hit heavy traffic. Seems it was Easter Weekend  and being Sunday everyone was going home, like me.

I got off 80 onto highway 20 west which looked like this once I got past Yuba City. Not much stress here on the slow and long way home.road2


Red Bug is blooming

This was highway 20 around Clear Lake. The red bud was in bloom in the area.redbud3


And so were the California poppy’s.flowers4


Did some unloading

I made it home around five PM and was tired out. I unloaded a few things I’d need from the van and that was it for me today.

Monday April 2

Unloading the van and gardening

Today, once I got it going, I started by unloading the van. I worked on it on and off all day between other stuff.van5


New blueberry plants

I found two pots of blueberries by my garden enclosure. I didn’t know where they came from but they looked like they needed to be planted with  the rest of my blueberry plants so I planted them.garden6


Weeds need pulling

I also did a lot of pulling weeds in the enclosure.

And Weeds need mowing

The grass was also looking like it needed to be mowed. I checked for gas for the mower, but I was out of it, but there was a little still in the mower from the last time I used it, but I would wait for the sun to go down before doing any mowing.grass7


Painted my paddles

I noticed my paddle was needing some paint to hide he orange stuff.paddles8


I put some paint on them. I thought the black stripes would be ok, but I later filled in the black.paddles9


Blueberry’s planted and weeds pulled

I got the blueberry plants planted and pulled weeds too.There’s  a pile of pulled weeds to the right of the empty blueberry plant pots.weeds10


Mowed until I ran out of gas

After the sun went down I got the mower started and mowed until it ran out of gas which wasn’t long and was just as well as I didn’t have much gas to do much mowing.mower11


Checked through the mail

I picked up my mail that my brother has been collecting. Out of about twenty pieces, there was only one piece that wasn’t junk mail.

By the end of the day, I was worn out. That was it for me today for a nice day at home working in the yard.

Tomorrow I’m headed down to Jenner to go kayaking, wind or no wind.

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